The Catholic Jew A typical day with Jerry Saxon

Ryan’s 1st holy Communion with his Jewish Grandfather

The story of the catholic Jew happened quite by accident. Close your eyes and picture the opulent Christ The King Cathedral, Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA, 30305 USA The music is playing on the organ and the Irish Priest is in the Vestry donning his finest  vestments. The Alter boys are chattering away and laughing as this is no ordinary ceremony this is the first communion of their close friend.  All the Alter boys are friends with the solo recipient of today’s sacrament.

The Grandmother has flown in from Ireland and she is wearing a Spanish matadors costume. We haven’t been given confirmation of that fact but apart from the cape it is identical.  The mother is organizing everyone in the congregation.  The recipient RYAN DANIEL O’ROURKE-GLYNN, the sacrament FIRST HOLY COMMUNION.  The year 2004.

The catholic Jew

As Ryan had no male family members in America Jerry volunteered to present him to the priest and to God on this special day.  We kept one little detail from the priest.  Jerry is Jewish.  The priest didn’t ask, we didn’t tell, no lie no foul.  The music stops and everyone gets in there seats.  The music starts again louder this time and the door opens and the priest appears followed by a trail of alter boys.   Beads of sweat roll down Jerry’s face, he curtsy’s to the priest.  I burst out laughing and in turn receive a dig from the matador.  The priest begins the service, introduces the child, Ryan, introduces the grandmother who has flown all the way from Ireland, and the Grandfather who also has come from Ireland, sorry what? not Ireland. Tucker?? Jerry’s eyes meet mine, we chuckle.  The priest looks confused. Welcome to Jerry’s world, he just learned to be a Catholic yesterday.  Everyone sits, Gerry sits last, everyone stands, Gerry Stands last, its hard to follow everyone’s lead when you have to sit in the front row with your back to everyone.  Then they kneel, they stand, they kneel again, they sit, the burning incense, OMG I think Jerry is going to pass out with confusion.  Everything is going great and then when the priest blesses the communion and holds it into the air and says “This is the body of the lord, he trips, the plate goes into the air, the crowd stare in shock, the priest panics, everyone watches in slow motion as the communion lands on the floor, Jerry runs to pick it up, NO, NO, NO, I cut him off at the pass, you cant touch the body, dats de body of de lord (I say in my thickest Irish accent).  Its been blessed and now its ruined, Poor Jerry, Poor Priest, Grandmother is still looking well however in matadors outfit, we wonder if she is running with bulls later?  As it turned out the poor priest retrieved some communion that hadn’t touched the ground and Jerry – the grandmother – and the crowd retreated to a local eatery for alcoholic beverages and to reminisce the day that Jerry Saxon a Jewish boy from New York city entered the Roman Catholic world and took communion and drank the wine “OH MY GOD YOU RECEIVED COMMUNION AND DRANK THE WINE” screamed the matador and we all fell around the place laughing and promising that we would always keep the secret from the priest.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder if Ryan’s sacrament is real ? now 🙂 and that is the day he became the Catholic Jew. Oh how I miss my American Jewish father. RIP Jerry.x



a catholic jew

Jerry & Barbara Saxon Atlanta GA, 2004



catholic jew

Ryan’s Communion Atlanta Ga 2004





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