CHANGE If you don’t like your life change

Change……. It really should be my name.

If you don't like your life CHANGE ITTolkien said “Not all those who wander are lost” and that makes people like me feel really good.  If you know me you know Ive moved a lot.  My mother started writing my address in pencil many years ago as she filled up the S page in her address book.  To be honest I have lived so many places I cant remember them all.    When you get past your mid twenties people tend to ask the questions like, “don’t you want to settle down ?” or ” will you ever settle down?”, ” what are you looking for?”  and they even insist that you don’t know your own mind and tell you that you would feel different if you met the right man? insinuating that you just weren’t lucky enough to find someone.   I want to scream “hey, I was proposed to” but whats the point.  People hear what they want to hear and the vast majority of people cannot understand constant moving or traveling as we call it.

Change, its not for everyone

The very idea of having the life of any of my friends or family is enough to make me break out in a rash and sweat beads of panic.  I simply would not be happy doing the same thing day in day out and going to the same place every year on vacation, and even if they changed the destinations, a mini break and by that I mean anything under 3 weeks well that’s just not traveling to me.  And yes when I go I want to keep going, and the thing I research most is travel, and the thing I think about most is where next.  I am not happy unless on the road.  The idea of dying without seeing the world makes me panic as does the idea of settling anywhere.  Purchasing possessions gives me an uneasy feeling of claustrophobia and the older I get the worse it becomes.  I’ve had the mortgages, the full time job with only 2 weeks vacation a year, a business where everyone depended on me and where I never had a minute to decide where exactly I wanted to be in the world.  I got on a plane the day I graduated HS and I really never stayed anywhere for more than one year since then. I guess I really am addited to change.  One year was the max in 27 years and in saying that, in those years I did about ten trips a year.  I’ve wandered around the globe setting up home many times.  I made new friends over and over again and on that note I can easily say that I can count my real friends on one hand. Embrace Change.

If you don't like your life CHANGE IT

Donegal Ireland

At some point in most expats life we have that moment where we miss family and weddings and funerals and your nieces and nephews parties.  Just the bonding you can only have with people who share your DNA or so you think.   So it was just timing in my career that led me to do what most expatriates do at some point.  I moved home.  Back to where I had family and roots, back to small town Ireland.   However with the wandering spirit Ill call it and the fact that I had actually lived away from where I was raised longer than I lived here before I left.  It was probably inevitable that this wouldn’t feel like home forever.  It actually never did.   People always ask me why I came back to Ireland and if I am mad? presuming that I would know if I was mad or not??? I always answer the same “I don’t know and probably”  I also did what a lot of repatriated ex pats do, I realized that I have nothing here and that I have no reason to be here and that I actually don’t know where I belong.

Change your mindset

I do know that I am only truly happy on the road and the people who understand me most are other ex-pats.  People for whom travel is in their blood and who like me will probably never settle down in one place forever as the lure of a new adventure is what keeps them alive and interested in life itself. They too need constant change.

Next stop: San Francisco – I have never lived there, I don’t know anyone there and I am not going there for a job.  The Astrologer made me do it.  (that will be another post) The astrologer said Change!!! you don't like your life CHANGE IT

Are you ready to live your own life?

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