Oil-Rig-1Ireland is one of the most expensive places to live in the world.  Living here is awkward compared to other countries Ive lived in.  Even heating the house is a whole task in itself.  I recently moved into a house that to my annoyance only has oil for heating, no more being spoiled just flipping a switch for an hour if I’m cold.  No I have to order the oil and from that point keep an eye on the levels and in the height of a recession budget for the extra 900 euro payouts in advance for my heating.   I haven’t had to order oil for at least 5 years and where to begin? there are so many places selling it. 

So I did like all modern girls do, I posted on Facebook, “hey my lovely fb friends, for those of you who have to buy home heating oil, where’s the cheapest home heating oil in Kildare? ” the responses were many, and they ranged from “ah they are all the same” or just call them all” or “move back to Texas oil is cheaper” and my reply was “ah great, I was hoping one of you that use it had done the ground work”……

Honestly why do people reply if the just don’t know the answer ???

So I let it go, and go, and go, and now this week I’m bloody freezing in my stone house built 45 years ago and I’m guessing not great insulation.  I’ve held out as long as possible.  I need home heating oil today.  There’s only one thing for it.

1)    Laptop to the bed (it’s the warmest place to be as our government tell us)

2)    Call them all individually and keep the list. 

3)    Post the list so no one else has to waste time doing this again.

And this is what I found,

Some advertise Dublin and Kildare delivery area, but they only mean north Kildare as they are actually based in Meath……… So why not put that on your website then duhhhhhhhhhhh they hung up ????? Note to self, if I ever move to North Kildare I’m not shopping there.  Second note to self, next house must have gas or be in a hotter climate.   Next step was my go to place for everything.  They came up with this site.

This is a website that has does their best to have the best prices listed.  However at the end in the small print they advise that only companies who list their prices online are quoted here and used in the survey.  So I felt I still needed to do my research to be sure I was getting the best deal.   I called of them individually and the prices differed with all of them so this site is not up to date and you really need to do your research if your looking for the best deal.

All 3 of the above have the exact same price and website too? Have they  merged or are they are franchise I’ve never heard of?  These will deliver a minimum of 200L of home heating oil which many wont and actually when I called they would deliver a minimum of 200 Euro.  For most the minimum was 300L.  The cost for Kerosene oil here was 210 for a minimum order and at 105 per 100L it was just 70 euro more to get another 100L from NR for example.  Unfortunately I couldn’t compare that with these 2 companies as all they would quote me was 200 or 500.  Gas Oil was more expensive by roughly 30 euro for my order and it was at this point that my landlord advised me I needed Gas Oil.   As kerosene burns hotter and is cleaner and cheaper I was hoping for that.  


Have a minimum order of 300L home heating oil which they charge 302Euro for, they have a 3 business day turn around so as its Wednesday I can’t get oil for another six days.  Not a great option and its not the cheapest anyway.

have a minimum of 250L, I priced at 300L to make comparisons easier.  At 286 for kerosene and 308 for Gas Oil its better.

Again 300L minimum but at 280 for only 70 euro extra you get another 100L and you save yourself 35 euro in the process.  They will order the next day and they charge a 10 Euro fee for using a credit card.  Fair enough as the bank charges them a % anyway.  Turns out that despite advertising a Kildare delivery, they only deliver to border counties in Kildare.  That’s their choice but they should really say that and save us here in south Kildare a phone call and time.

Minimum order 300L and currently 285 Euro, cheaper than King and Naas Oil and in October are offering a 20 Euro fuel voucher so it comes out the same prices as the lowest company so far NR fuels.  That is if you purchase online only by October 27th.   Naas oil price was the same if you ordered online but by doing so they throw in a free dip stick.  Quite a few dipsticks around here.  Strange but its cheaper to order 400 liters than 500 liters.  Normally it gets cheaper per liter the more you buy.  As this is the case they are loosing out on me buying the extra 100 liters which makes no sense.    300L 303.60 Euro         300L 310.06

 Some of these companies offer planned payments but none were from the cheapest companies but you can save yourself in a penny bank or the post office cost free and then spend your money where ever you feel like.  So why be sucked into that scam. 

Some will deliver immediately some wont so I guess if you run out of oil and its very cold you make the decision and pay extra.  All in all the best value and the easiest to deal with as they deliver the next day were NR fuels but they are not getting my money as they only deliver to North Kildare.  I have to go with the next cheapest as I live in South Kildare.

And that is it.  All I have to do now is get online and order.  Seems they all want you to order online.  Well I suppose if they have to pay people to take all the orders and payments the oil is going to cost more eh?

My choice seems like its going to be Tougher oil as with the 20 euro coupon to fuel it is the cheapest by 2o, however it it was after Oct 27th and this wasn’t in place I would go with Naas Oil or King as they are cheaper by one euro, and hey another Euro in my pocket makes the day sweeter. 

offshore-oil-rigMaybe this helps no one and maybe it saved you a fiver, either way I now feel like I’m getting the best deal so I have peace of mind.  this recession is hard enough, these guys need to know we are shopping around so they remain competitiveCompetition makes our lives better.


These were the prices on the day I posted.  Obviously as markets change the prices will vary.

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