Prague Wedding January 27th 2018

Prague wedding


This is not the venue, we will provide transportation to the wedding on Saturday from here. We are leaving at 3pm sharp. As Prague is a busy city we will not be able to delay traffic so SHARP is the word. If you are not staying here I advise arriving early.

Dress warm: You will be outside for up to one hour.

There is a place at the wedding venue to store shoes and coats etc, it is very common for people in this climate to do this. (inside shoes, outside shoes) 🙂

Hair and nails, there is a salon in the hotel and you can call ahead for an appointment  hair, nails and make up but you do need an appointment. There is another nail and hair salon just walking distance from the hotel, come out the front door and walk a few minutes up the street on the right. They do hair, nails and also Thai massage.


the currency is Czech Koruna. I also use the ATM when I travel as its safest I believe. If you are exchanging cash its normally best not to use the airport and from experience Prague is high. There is an ATM in my hotel and the rate is good. Don’t choose the guaranteed bank rate.

Step 1. Getting from Prague airport:

there are many private options like booking a shuttle or a taxi.  Public transport in mainland Europe is very good and cheap.   Here are the exact instructions using public transport to Malostrana.

Leaving the airport You can catch bus No. 119. This bus will arrive at the terminal station DEJVICKÁ. Here, you will find the subway green-line of the Metro A station Dejvická. Take the metro in the direction MALOSTRANSKÁ, where You are getting out. In front of this metro station, Malostranská, you will find the tram stop. Take the tram 22-20-12 (all numbers are possible) direction MALOSTRANSKÉ NÁMĚSTÍ.

The price of the ticket is 32,- Czech Crowns and you can stamp it directly at the airport when you get on the bus, and not again. The ticket is valid for 90 minutes on all forms of transport.  The currency rate is roughly 25.5 CZK to one Euro.  So it iss great value.

WOULD YOU RATHER A TAXI? (dont flag one down – order it)

This is my favourite app when not using public transport. Download Liftago from your app store and use this promocode for a discount SANDRA28629. I love this company and have used them 4 times this week.

Here is a company I found that will take you to your hotel door for 590 CZK which is roughly 23 euro they will take up to 4 people so a fiver each worth it I think.  5-8 people 780 CZK makes your fare even cheaper. There are no extra hidden charges. I have used them on 15 occasions you can pre pay by card and book your return online or you can pay cash on the day, euro, sterling or local Czech currency.

You can see the complete price list (as well in other currencies such as GBP, EUR and USD)

My schedule

Thursday and Friday night Ill be having dinner locally. Friday night after dinner Ill be in a bar/cafe and you can eat but not a full meal etc called Mlynska Kavarna, Vsehrdova 449/14 and its minutes walk from the hotel towards the river.

Pub, there is pub on the corner of Ujezd. Come out the door of my hotel and turn left, walk a couple of minutes and its on your left. There are 3 floors, its a locals haunt, the staff speak English and are generally very rude and grumpy. Yes seriously 🙂 Great prices though and its a pub.

Free walking tours.

There are many companies offering this service so I wont recommend any but go to the old town square and look for the Cartier jewelry store next to the tourist office and they all meet there at 10am and 1pm among other times. Or just ask in the tourist office.

Funicular Railway 

this is fabulous and runs from Ujezd St and tram stop. The views from the top are fabulous and if you happen to be staying in the hotel Roma then it basically on your door step. On a clear day if the weather is good and you are fit then I recommend taking the funicular up and walking back through the woods. You can even stop off and have dinner or a beer in the restaurant located half way up Petrin hill.

My favourite restaurants

The Lokal, I’ve gone here with a large group and just 2 of us. There are a few in the city. great value, great beer and menu’s available in English if you wish. I’ve eaten here 12 times now. Upstairs and downstairs. The Lokal is very traditional and in the Lesser town also.

Klasterni Senk Monastery Tavern.  Outstanding, and I’ve been back, several times now, in fact I have never been to Prague without visiting here. I especially love it in winter. Everyone I take loves it.  The monks make the wine and beer.  Great wine, beer and amazing food. Great ambiance. Located in Prague 6. I take a taxi and public transport its not difficult to find, tram 22 and 25 go to just minutes walk from it. Open for lunch and dinner and I always make dinner reservations.

Tri-stoleti. The food is excellent and again I have never had a bad meal here.  Great for a group or a romantic meal. I have never had a steak so good.  They also have an excellent cafe next door.

Check out the Savoy Cafe, its famous and opulent. Not my favourite but worth it for a coffee if for nothing else than to stare at the ceiling. If you do go, make sure to use the bathroom and on your way you have full view in glass to the kitchen. Wow factor.

U maleho Glena

I go here a lot. Best Greek salad ever. Great prices and downstairs is a jazz bar I have never been to. If you are here Wednesday we are having dinner there. Many lunchtimes you will find me here. Nicole makes a great espresso martini. Walk out the front door of the hotel Roma, turn right and its 10 minutes walk on your left. Just past the child of Prague church.

Cafe Lounge on Planska St. Just minutes from the Savoy and also minutes from my hotel (roma). I’ve eaten here 3000 times. Food is fabulous. If you want brunch at the weekends book. In fact I always book. Just get your hotel to do it if you haven’t ahead of time. You can make a reservation online prior to coming here. Their winter menu started last week.

The Blue Duck 2 – U Modre Kachnicky II, is a quirky old style 1930’s restaurant. Located in the old town it is expensive by Prague standards and that is mostly the location as its in tourist heaven. The food is centered around Duck. A mean is around 40 euro per person which is still a deal if you earn in a western country. I have never eaten here as I hate tourist restaurants. #sadbuttrue 🙂

U Parlamentou walking distance to the Charles Bridge. Traditional Czech food and very tasty.

A word of advice in the bars and restaurants here, you will often see pretzels etc on the tables.  They are not free and will be added to your bill and they are often stale and not great so just be warned.  Also the beer, normally a waiter will keep bringing more until you advise them to stop.  A lot of comments on restaurants and bar sites are that the service is crap, and the waitstaff can be surely.  Expect this as there is nothing I can do to control it.

My winter visits to Prague include time drinking mulled wine and wandering around a few Christmas Markets soaking up the atmosphere.  Prague is great in any season. As the Czech Republic has the best beer in the world with strict rules about brewing and keeping it free from additives I am sure Ill be sampling a beer or 25.  Mainly that’s what the trip is about, hanging with friends and experiencing a great city.  Expect updates!

Tipping in Prague is 10%, its expected. Round up to nearest large figure is mostly outside of Prague.

Some tips for cheap eats in Prague. . This is a great website for new and happening restaurants.

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