Road-Trip USA – Miles covered 12,000


I am now one month into my road trip USA. It has taken me from Dublin – New York – Atlanta – Houston – Austin – Smithville – Kemah – Galveston -Spring – Tomball – League City – Jersey Village – Houston – Atlanta – Avondale – Oakhurst – Kirkwood – Belvadere Park – Decatur – Dekalb – and for the next adventure Dallas tomorrow.

Road trip USA miles covered 12,000, beers drank = too many.  Old Friends visited loads and loads. Funerals one. The funeral wasn’t planned and the friend was all too young but it changed the direction of the trip and obviously the mood. I doubled back from Atlanta and headed to Texas again. This time to Dallas and on to Irving Texas. The one think I know about travel especially a road trip is you cannot set your plans in stone. Things happen and you are forced to come up with a new plan. If you cant do this then perhaps you aren’t suited to road trips in general. It takes an unusual kind of soul to do long term travel but a long term road trip without a destination in mind is a different kind of road trip. This is the one I’m on. If along the way I find a destination I would like to spend some time in then a new plan will be invoked. Until then I’m still on Road Trip USA.

2013-12-04 18.55.35

The trip continues at 4 am tomorrow.  I’ve no idea where I’m going next but I’m going to keep at it 🙂  motivated only by what might be around the next corner.

Happy Trails.



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