Road Tripping 20K miles covered!

road tripping

Road tripping continues. Dallas, Irving, Kemah, Houston, Spring, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Atlanta, Austin, Smithville.  Who knows where Ill end up tomorrow.  That’s the beauty of a road trip. Today its laundry and photo catch up. The plan is no plan that way I wont miss what those who stick to plans always miss …………………. life!!!!

road tripping

The road trip and even the flights were delayed a few times in Texas because of the snow.

This is very unusual for Texas. The snow has finally gone as have the cold mornings which is excellent news as its time to get this road trip back on the road so to speak.  Now the temperature is an average 78 -80F which is in and around 27-30C.

Road Tripping I need More clothes

I need to offload the winter woollies and stock up on some summer gear now.  Life is good, all is well and apart from idiots in Ireland not getting things done according to plan which might put a stop to my road trip temporarily. Long term travel requires several seasons of clothing and supplies. As its not practical to drag that amount around I will have to purchase what I need when the seasons change.

  • Tips for the perfect road trip.
  • Travel light
  • comfortable shoes and only 2 pairs total
  • small electrical appliances
  • solar powered chargers
  • great phone and get a local sim card with a good plan
  • always check your gas / petrol (yes Ive been stranded and rescued by the police)
  • dont plan too far ahead. I dont like schedules. If I like a place Ill stay longer and if I dont, Ill leave earlier.
  • Try to eat well. Its easy to eat terrible food when on the road. I use Yelp a lot.
  • Enjoy every minute. Many people are jealous of you.


road trip

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