Where is Madison ? Just 60 miles outside Atlanta Ga USA Population: Less than 4000 Reasons to visit   Madison Georgia is one of the most picturesque towns you will find in North America. It is listed as the best …

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  Syria, I just had to write about this as the subject of this production Syria, is very close to my heart and has caused so much controversy in everyone’s life. Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin, Scene and Heard Festival 2017. …

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Breakfast, whats for breakfast? where are we going for breakfast? who’s going out for breakfast? what are you having for breakfast?

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Ill be alone in Moscow for 72 hours with zero Russian language skills and I’ve never been to Russia before. Imagine the possibilities. Anything could happen.

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Kinsale West Cork Ireland

Kinsale Having spent a lot of time over the last 5 years in Kinsale I can now say I feel that I can give people advise on the amazing town located in West Cork. It is about 30 minutes from …


Crikvenica Croatia KRK Island

Crikvenica Riviera Croatia I came to Crikvenica twice from Silo, once by sailboat and once on a tour boat as the water taxi does not run on Sundays. Even when it does it is only in good weather as its …


Russia travel information Visa, invitation

Russia This post is as much for me as it is for others in case I want to return. Getting to Russia has not been straight forward as there are things you need to put in place before you head …


Englicshhausen Volunteering in Germany

I’ve been asked by lots of friends to give them information about Englishhausen the company I volunteer with in Germany


Laubach Germany a hidden treasure

Laubach is a beautiful German town located 90 minutes drive from Frankfurt with beautiful scenery to engage you as you drive is perhaps the biggest surprise of this trip. Frankfurt is the closest main airport if you want to reach …


Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Magnificient

Guide to surviving the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Get yourself some decent accommodation. Plan ahead, book early