Sailing Croatia for 12 Euro a day day 3 & 4

Sailing Croatia Day 3 & 4

Sailing for a month in Croatia for 12 euro a day all expenses included.

Our sailing Croatia trip continues destination the Island of Susak. Today is  11/September. I always note this day.

On route to Susak

On route to Susak

We rose early 7.30am. The captain wakes early every day as do I. I normally put my head into the main cabin where he is usually found on his laptop playing a computer game.  He notices immediately and say’s “COFFEE” To which I think, what have I done to deserve this?  Thick strong, Turkish coffee.  It’s so strong even I’ve starting taking some milk in it.  What a perfect way to kick to start my day! I stepped off the boat and bought some fresh bread which cost all of 30 cents. Supplies for the day.

We took advantage of a land toilet and running water.  It’s amazing how you appreciate endless running water and flushing toilets when you live on a boat or spend long periods of time at sea. Tico even shaved. I must say he looks 12. I didn’t recognize him we he approached the boat. We had departed by 8am setting sail for Susak. Susak is an island with a very interesting history and great folklore stories.

You could take photos of Croatia all day long. The views are spectacular. Each moment is picture perfect. Sailing from Osor to Susak takes approximately 🙂 give or take the wind or how much of a hurry you’re in. We are at the beginning of a month in the Adriatic. We have a schedule but we are in no hurry. The sun the moon and the wind are our new leaders. Of course if you’re on a budget where we moor is a consideration. Mooring situations are always on your mind when your boating as if you arrive late there will be no space and that brings another set of problems. Weather permitting you could just throw down your anchor in a bay near the

Catching Dinner in Susak

Catching Dinner in Susak

harbor and moor for free or a lot cheaper at least. If there is a charge the harbor master won’t be long coming out to you and informing how much to pay.

Mooring fees for locals

There seems to be very different prices for locals than the tourists on rental boats and we keep our mouth shut as our captain is a local and he does all the communicating with the harbor masters. Marinas in Croatia vary so much price wise, public moorings are available at a cost which varies from harbor to harbor and have very little or mostly no facilities besides water and fuel. I did notice that the mooring fees seemed 30% higher than last year. I wonder what they will be next summer when Croatia is officially in the Euro (I’m on my way back so Ill find out ). Some places you can moor out in the bay but personally I like to explore the new location and of course I love local café’s. The private marinas also vary widely, hot showers, restaurants, grocery stores, swimming pools etc. and the price could be 10-20 times higher than the public harbor.

the pros and cons of a public harbour


Yes I took this photo 🙂

The benefit of the public harbor is that you are normally in the center of the town, village or city. You just step off and your there. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. The benefit of the private marina HOT SHOWERS. Susak does not have a private marina so boats of all sizes are in the bay, 90% rental. Our neighbor’s on one side are a fabulous English retired couple, and on the other 6 older Czech males. One had sailing experience but really as activities progressed it didn’t seem enough to captain a boat on the Adriatic given the weather. As soon as we arrived we …. BURA

More wind more speed. As we are in no hurry we are kicking back with full sails in a magical moment, the captain and crew’s eyes light up and we are always on the lookout for a boat in full sail.  Especially if you can’t catch a wind and they can. There is something hypnotic about that. When I think about people who hate boats I’m at a loss for words. Half pity half joy. The last thing I want is more idiots in control of a boat. Like the idiot who just passed us with less than 50 meters between boats and less than 300 meters from the shoreline. Highly illegal and highly dangerous. The wake he created from his high powered engines caused the contents of our boat to fly around the cabin. Very frightening for smaller boats and sailboats in particular. I don’t think my son would cope with sailing Croatia rules. Everything has its place and must be in it to avoid disaster. You leave nothing out or in the way of walking up and down your boat pulling up sails, taking them down brings the same rules. The language we are using on this trip is English, and I’m the only native speaker. While their English is perfect if the language is not your mother tongue something will be lost in translation at some point.

Sailing Croatia

The International crew Bulgaria, Germany & Ireland

Our crew is made up of 4 nationalities. One Croat male age 62 (the captain, skipper and boat owner). One Bulgarian who has been living in Iceland for the last 7 years – 30 year old male.  One German female age 25 and me a female Irish – American person, 2 nationalities dual citizenship, not sure where I’m from I guess I’m more European.  5 years ago I was definitely more American having being out of Ireland for so long, but I’ve been back for 7 years now the Irishness is back with gusto. Nationality has no bearing sailing, when sailing Croatia all that matters is a devil may care attitude.

Sailing Croatia

The Captain

All new crew need to know that the words “Get out” from the skipper means – move out of the way now!  as when he roared “GET OUT” at Anna the German girl. She looked into the sea and honestly for a split second I thought she might jump. We then proceeded to fall about the place laughing. We have been having many moments like this. It’s a case of getting to know each other and also learning a form of language or code that we all understand.

More to come of this sailing Croatia adventure.

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