venice 6Venice is my favorite place in the whole world to visit. We went to Venice for three nights in June this year and fell in love with the place. Not only is it the most romantic place with your Gondola rides and fine dining in their most exquisite restaurants but Venice is also packed with history giving you lots to see and do. We booked one night with an Venetian guide that we found on the internet and she took us around the Jewish Ghetto eating the typical Venetian foods and drinking their home made wines. This for me was the best part of the holiday, I don’t think I would have appreciated how much Venice has to offer without her. She allowed me to experience Venice through the eyes of a local and we got to experience things we just would have missed without her advice.

Venice has a very hot climate so I recommend going early spring or perhaps Autumn. I will say though that three nights is enough as once you have done and seen all that is there, there isn’t much else left. By the way, it is very expensive so make sure you have a fat wallet ha ha!!

Venice 4

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