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This post is as much for me as it is for others in case I want to return. Getting to Russia has not been straight forward as there are things you need to put in place before you head away. The country is vast and distances between cities and villages are huge. Hopefully this tips and addresses will help us all.

  1. Russia Visa

You need a visa and the embassy of the Russian Federation is not always the easiest to contact. There are companies who provide this service but in general they are not good value and you need to do the ground work anyway so why bother.

2. Russia invitation

To apply for a visa you much be in possession of an invitation to Russia. The invitation for a single entry cost me 10 euro, you need this to go with your visa application.

There are a few options to obtaining the invitation. A person, organization or group can invite you. A hotel can prepare it for you. Or you can use an agency like I choose to. this site was recommended to me by a Russian friend. You dont need to use and agency but it might just be easier. The company I used are based in Russia and you pay in Rubles so it is cheaper than the European based companies

The invitation for a single entry cost me 10 euro.

Once you have this document you take it to the Embassy or post it along with travel insurance information, your passport and the necessary fee, payable only in postal order. The fee varies on the speed of service you request and also the country you are from.


I’m travelling to 4 cities. I’m travelling from Dublin Ireland and there are no direct options so I need to head to the mainland first. I am going via Italy which is unusual and I am purchasing 2 one way tickets and internal train and flights also.

The best flight prices and connections I found were on

Russian Train and bus service

3. Russian Money

The currency of Russia is the Ruble, there is currently 76 rubles in one euro so 200 is over 14,000. Cards are not widely accepted so you must have cash with you. Hotels and big stores will use cards but in general you will need cash. ATM’s are considered safe and to exchange cash, banks are recommended even if the rate is lower.

Tickets are purchased. Visa is ordered. Now its time to explore Russia.



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