Lottery – what Id do if I won

The lottery

the question is, what would you do if you won the lottery?

Surely at some point in your life you have allowed yourself  to dream of what you would do if you actually won the lottery. I have visualized and imagined myself living with financial freedom which lets face it we all want. Would I buy 10 houses? no I wouldn’t buy a single house. Id live on my new boat and perhaps buy a silver-stream camper van. Id pay all my siblings mortgages and my parents loans. Id buy my son a home and donate to charity. And Id finance independent movies for the rest of my life. Oh yes, life would be great.


Ryan and I in Houston Tx USA

When my son was about 2 we were living in Houston Texas. Every time we were in the car he would ask “mom, what would you do if you won the lottery”. Honestly I’ve no idea how he learned about the lottery so young. But this question has always been in his mind. He must have asked 10 thousand times so I had plenty of time to answer the question.

Last year my answer changed dramatically. Today if I won the lottery I would get on a plane and head to the United States. Houston Tx. to be exact and straight to MD Anderson hospital one of the worlds best cancer hospitals. Members of the Arab Royal family attend this hospital.


my last chemo with my hair

I think I’ve always been pretty clued in to whats happening in the world and whats important. I volunteer a lot. I understand the poverty in the world and how the balance of wealth is not in proportion. I know that children die every minute of every day from hunger and basic diseases that we in the west take for granted.

But things changed for me last year and I was diagnosed with Cancer.

The big C. Its probably a very common thing. I always knew money doesn’t buy happiness but I learned a lesson only people with a end stage disease can truly comprehend.

People with huge wealth, Steve Jobs for example. He had more money than God but he still died.

I’ve had great friends die from this terrible disease. All healthy and young and with so much life still left in them succumb to cancer.

Cancer is colour blind and doesn’t care how much money you have.

But the reality is money can buy you the best care, treatment and a quick diagnosis. All of these combined can be the difference of life or death.


after surgery


So I finally have my answer. What would I do if I won the lottery?  Its easy. Id spend every penny to beat cancer.

Id spend every penny to live.

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