Smithville Texas old time America

Smithville Texas old time America

Smithville main street

Smithville Texas

My road trip USA is continuing and I have no agenda. I’m just going somewhere. Nestled off the highway 42 miles outside of Austin between Austin, San Antonio, Houston & Bryan/College Station lies a little town called Smithville. I found it completely by accident due to a headache.  It is located in historic central Texas. And is one of the finest and safest towns in Texas. Good schools, God fearing people, good neighbours and a lovely community. Its a pretty perfect place to grow up and retire. I think the middle years would be a little bit boring. There doesn’t seem much in the way of a social life.

Smithville thanks to the headache

I left the highway in search of a store with water to take a Tylenol.  To my delight I found this gem of a town straight out of a storybook, or a movie actually.  Smithville Texas is the town used in the movie “Hope Floats” with Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jnr.

Smithville Texas old time America

the coolest quirkiest store

Smithville Texas old time America

Too late, I bought it


Biggest gingerbread man


historical train

Smithville Texas old time America IMG_2005 Smithville Texas America like it used to be

OMG Smithville Texas is exactly like it is in the movie.

No McDonald’s or chains. No Walmart. In fact only authentic stores, cafes, antiques shops, milk bars and hardware stores your granddaddy used to frequent.  Everyone is so friendly and inquisitive as to how I found Smithville. They all want to know who I am and why an Irish lady is travelling alone. I’m guessing their women don’t just take off and travel the world alone very often?

With my thick Irish accent I’m getting some strange looks here when I speak. I cant imagine Smithville Texas is on many Irish people’s bucket list. Smithville has such a small town good energy feel.  Thank God for my headache. And thank God for Smithville Texas as on my 3 month road trip it was the highlight.
Smithville Texas has long been called “the best kept secret in Texas”. Id never even heard of it but now I know why.  

Smithville Texas America like it used to be

Smitty the Gingerbread Man stands as a reminder of Smithville’s Guinness World Record for baking the largest gingerbread man at the time.

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