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Syrius SyriaSyria, I just had to write about this as the subject of this production Syria, is very close to my heart and has caused so much controversy in everyone’s life.



Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin, Scene and Heard Festival 2017.

Writer and Performer: Romana Testasecca, Director: Karen Killeen, Movement Coordinators: Ella Clarke and Stephanie Dufresne, Producer: Palma Testasecca, Sound Designer: Garret Hynes

S Y R I U S follows the story of a young Syrian woman who is forced to leave everything she holds close in Syria. The piece starts out in chaos during a regime attack on the people of Syria. There are snipers on roofs, dogs barking, alarms going off, lights flashing. Nobody is safe. Fear is everywhere. The Syrian people though still have hope. They hold their faith and believe they will be able to change things in Syria. Rasha is one of them. She believes that there is a chance to make Syria a safer place by protesting against Bashar al-Assad. Peacefully of course, like her father always said. She decides, with three other women, that they will wear wedding dresses and march through Medhat Basha market in Damascus. Rasha is “full of hope”. At the protest Rasha is arrested and imprisoned for “simply standing in the street wanting to put an end to the violence.” Voice-overs are inserted skilfully within the soundscape (designed by Garret Hynes) and the letters that Rasha writes to her father give us the information we need to follow her from place to place. Movement conveys the feelings and thoughts that Rasha is going through. Carefully crafted choreography by Stephanie Dufresne. When released from prison, Rasha has no choice but to leave – the horrors of confinement and news from the outside force her to let go of her dream of a “de-militarised Syria.” “The Syria that I know is gone and I can’t stay here anymore” – she writes to her dad. “I hope that you will understand that this is the only choice we have” Rasha knows her dad will struggle with the notion of coming with her. He lets her daughter embark on her journey alone, knowing there is no other option but he cannot abandon his country. Rasha starts on her journey, encountering a series of queues, refusals from authorities at borders, handling and stamping of documents and waiting to be accepted from country to country. Boats, buses, endless walking and waiting, lead her to more and more camps. All this is told through a rhythmic movement sequence that coveys the difficulties of this odyssey. We see her building her tent “while the children run around in the freezing cold”, she cannot take it anymore. Rasha has “no idea where I’ll go or what’s next” where will Rasha’s journey end? Come see SYRIUS to find out. Last performance today at 6.30PM at Smock Alley Theatre, Main Space. S Y R I US SEEKING REFUGE IN THE UNKNOWN Rosebuds Romana Testasecca and Karen Killeen are the creators of the piece. Killeen directs Testasecca, performer of the piece. The piece is part of the Scene and Heard Festival at Smock Alley Theatre.
Here is a recent review by a great blogger I follow.
“Laura Marriott reviews S Y R I U S.
“One person plays are particularly hard to pull off and Testasecca does this with aplomb. This is an excellent production telling the story of how and why a young girl would feel she has to leave her native country and family for a foreign land. If you are wary of ‘non – traditional’ theatre this might be the ideal show to see as the narrative and storytelling are so strong.”
Thank you to Laura Marriott for our very first review of S Y R I U S and a 4.5 🌟 rating!
Your LAST CHANCE to see SYRIUS is TONIGHT at 6.30 PM Smock Alley Theatre, don’t miss this unique experience.

Tonight is the last night so book now at


Karen Kileen director


Romana Testasecca


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