The best thing about Houston is Kemah Texas USA



Kemah is a small town located on the water in Clear Lake. It is situated 20 miles southeast of downtown Houston.  The city’s population is listed only at 3,334 however its growing quickly as is the whole of this area including Houston which has grown in leaps and bounds over the last 2 decades. The temperatures are nicer here than Houston, less hot in summer and milder in winter.  Kemah is surrounded by marina’s and boats making it very easy to fall in love with this really laid back town.  It has grown so much in the last 20 years and I hardly recognize it since I was here last but Kemah is a gem, great bars and restaurants and only about 20 minutes to Galveston beach if a beach is what your looking for.  It simply is the perfect spot.  They say if you don.t like the weather in Texas wait a minute.  Well, today is 38F around 2C, yesterday was 67F around 20C and this weekend is supposed to be 76F a whopping 25C.  A bit like any relationship I’ve been in 🙂 but then that’s perfect to me, I’m not really a fan of predictable.


Kemah is on the way to Galveston to Houston and is like other little towns Seabrook for example oven missed by tourists.  Galveston has also become very commercial in the last 20 years but is still beautiful.

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The Kemah Boardwalk is open daily providing fun for everyone! Located just 20 miles from downtown Houston, it hosts many great waterfront restaurants, amusements, retail stores, festivals and seaside shows every day.  Over the last 20 years it has become so over commercialized its lost its charm in my opinion but there are still great locals and local gems to be found here if you try to stay off the beaten path.

Favourite bar here is Palapas and directly across the street there is a Greek Restaurant with a small bar called Bakkus.  The best burger I’ve ever had in my life and their Greek salad is different to any I’ve had anywhere including Greece but its also the best I’ve ever had.  Their specialty cocktails are also great.  Cabo on Thursday nights does amazing meal specials for $10.00 and also Crown and Top shelf Vodka for 3USD during happy hour, cant beat that.  The service is a bit random but after happy hour they have live music and the crowd normally changes a lot.  Happy hour is better in my opinion.  There are so many bars and restaurants here I could mention but i wont.  I stayed a month and I think i frequented all of them.  Some great, some not so but you can be your own judge.

One thing about Kemah, the locals are the best!!!

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