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Krakow Main-Market-Square

Krakow Main-Market-Square Old Town


Poland: Standing at the airport in the boarding area its very noticeable how many Polish live in Ireland.

Poland – The plane is full and I seem to be the only non Polish speaker.  Mind you with my colouring I fit right in.  I never did look typically Irish.  I never knew this until I left Ireland and complete strangers normally Americans felt the need to tell me:)  You do get the feeling that this is a plane full of emigrants going home to visit.  If youve been an emigrant you will know that we are easy to spot.  Its like a private club you belong to.  Visiting home with children to do the dutiful thing like visit aging parents, attending weddings & funerals etc.

polish in Ireland 2

Poland has a strong history of emigration to Ireland in the last 15 years.

Ireland has roughly 120,000 Poles living here.  The second most spoken language after English and before our native Irish is Polish.  We are actually down from 160,000 at the height of the Celtic tiger. This all became possible on May 1st 2004 when Poland became a member of the European Union giving Polish people freedom of movement and work in all other member states.



Our cultures are similar, strong Catholic backgrounds to both countries however studies show that in Poland 86% of the population practices regularly.  Not so in Ireland.

Ireland’s population of Polish people is listed around 120 thousand people, down from 140 thousand in the boom but the community remains strong and Polish is Ireland’s second most spoken language, even before Irish our native language.

I have a good feeling standing here at the gate.  I’m heading on a one way ticket alone, not sure who Ill meet or how I’ll like the place or even where I’m going, but for now I’m excited.

Wroclaw, a gem of a city

Wroclaw, a gem of a city


Wroclaw’s famous dwarfs


My flight is Dublin to Wroclaw pronounced “Vratswave” and it went great btw Its only 2.30 hours and at off peak times very good value.

I feel really embarrassed that I didn’t know more about Poland when I arrived.  I had wanted to visit for years but something always got in the way.

Cost of living

is very good value but not compared to an average salary which is very low in comparison to any western European country.

The People are extremely friendly and helpful and many speak English, many of young and professional business people are learning to further their career opportunities.




lots of potatoes and dumplings and pork and just like Russian or Slavic food but I might be criticized for saying that. In any event I loved the food in Poland.


traditional soup beetroot



Polish culture is rich and the Polish people are very proud. They have been ruled by several countries and that shows in the landscape and architecture of the cities, the food and the languages spoken.

With Poland’s rich and sad history you never have to travel far to see a reminder of the past to warn the future. Poland’s geographical location makes it vulnerable to invading forces should the possibility ever arise again but as a member of the EU and a new family on its side hopefully we will never see a day like that.

Poland today how have the people evolved??? It wasn’t too long ago Poland was under communism and it is still evident today especially  in the older people. Even people in their forties remember the shortages and the struggles of day to day life when they were children. Despite this Poland has blossomed and with cheap labour and an educated work force has managed to attract many companies from western countries to relocate and take advantage of this. The president of Poland even commented that he wanted Poland to be the new Ireland and it looks like he got his wish. Many companies have relocated from Ireland to Poland also.


Flowers available to buy 24/7 365 days a year

lifestyle – The Polish socialize a lot and their lifestyle is surprisingly laid back. The cities are filled with cafe’s and restaurants and parks full of people enjoying the outdoors. Theatre’s are plentiful and cultural events are a plenty. Wroclaw Poland will be Europe’s city of culture in 2016. Well worth a visit. Stunning city.

What I learned or found?? well I learned that I love Poland and I would live here in a heartbeat if I could find a job and place to live. The weather is lovely, a perfect combination of seasons. Its affordable and the people are great. Whats not to love. The public transportation system is great and so is the Vodka.

PolandYes Vodka, well now, that is a whole new story…………………………..


On first impression, public polish traintransport is excellent, on time and cheap. Here are some links for public transport in Poland. I’ve used them all and they are great, cheap and high standard. I highly recommend.



www.lux.com  or pl?

http://intercity.pl/en/ trains

remember trains charge different prices depending on times. I’m going for 60% cheaper by leaving one hour earlier

2015-03-13 23.45.11


So here I am. Poland lets be having ya. Im heading to Krakow next so check out my tips and advise for that touristy city.

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