5 Reasons to leave Ireland St. Patrick’s day.

Being Irish most people would expect me to say that the best place to be on St. Patrick’s day is Ireland.  This is actually the opposite to my opinion and before you get your knickers in a twist that’s all it is.  In the last 30 years I have spent 8 St Patrick’s Day  in Ireland.  2 of those were working naff parades, one I was in Dublin, all public transport was cancelled due to snow and I sat in alone with 2 cats and ordered Chinese and watched the telly and the others, well ????

You could of course go to Temple bar in Dublin like every picture you see from Dublin on the day shows, but be prepared for drunks, pick pockets and 7.60 pints. The places I spent the rest in range  from Savannah Georgia, the 2nd biggest in the USA, Atlanta, Houston, Sydney, Bahrain, London.  The best being Savannah and Bahrain.  drunken paddys day

St. Patricks day Ireland or Abroad……………………………..


5 reasons to leave Ireland St. Patrick’s Day

Hotels are on average 30% higher this year as per the Irish tourism board.  On St. Patrick’s day they are on average 80% higher.  In mainland Europe or certain towns in the USA you can stay at a 4-5 star hotel for less than 50 euro a night.

The price of a beer in Dublin ranges from 6.75 to 8 euro on St. Patrick’s. The price of a beer in Prague, Krakow, and many other cities averages at 1.00 euro,The price of a beer in the US varies from 1.00 to 5.00 depending on where.  Don’t believe me?


Dublin city council and other councils around Ireland report it a the most expensive clean up operating of the year.  Vomit and garbage on the streets. http://www.thejournal.ie/cleaning-saint-patricks-day-1995152-Mar2015/ dirt in ireland dirty ireland

Crime: In Ireland the crimes shoots up to 8 times the norm, in recent years with ban on police overtime, it’s gotten higher.  2nd busiest day in hospital er rooms, most arrests for police.  Over 700 tourists reported being mugged last year the true estimate is thought to be much higher as many cant see the point in reporting to the police.

It is the second business day for public order offences in Ireland second only to Arthur’s day.  All crime reports advise people not to walk alone in Ireland with a crime rate higher than New York city.  Safety is a major concern.

Hospital waiting times are on average 5 times longer in the emergency room with alcoholdrunken paddys day related incidents being the main factor.  It is the second business day in emergency rooms in Ireland second only to Arthur’s day.

Weather, the weather in March is typically cold or wet, can be nice but that’s not guaranteed.

Restaurants: in Ireland the cost of a meal out is 5 times higher than cities across Europe and is higher than the US.

“In fact, only Luxembourg, Iceland, Denmark and Norway have higher costs of living, as of the middle of 2014.


Added to that, Ireland ranks highly on the Numbeo Rent Index, with only the Dutch, Danish, Icelandic, British, Luxembourgians and Norwegians paying more. Groceries  and restaurants are also comparatively expensive for Irish people.” http://www.thejournal.ie/how-does-the-minimum-wage-compare-in-ireland-1824616-Jan2015/

Recent reports show Ireland as the 3rd most expensive country to have a night out in Europe, with Denmark and Luxemburg being the highest.  Yes, we even beat Switzerland. http://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/ireland-third-most-expensive-place-in-europe-for-a-night-out-1.2080996

Quality of parades. The best awarding winning parades for the last 20 years have all being outside Ireland.  Cities around the world tend to hold bigger celebrations than Ireland, with events like turning rivers green, the Eiffel tower and the pyramids in Cairo turning green for the event.

It may seem like Im being very negative about my own country but I consider myself a realist and I like to get the most bang and most fun for my money and on this day in the year it is not in Ireland.  That however is only my opinion.  If you feel like agreeing or disagreeing please do in the comments below.

Eiffel tower. St Patrick's Day

Eiffel tower. St Patrick’s Day

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