Wexford and the Reasons we love it

Reasons to Love Sunny Wexford

Co. Wexford










Rosslare and how to get there.

N80 until the N11 and if its Rosslare your heading to continue onto the N25. Bus and trains are you alternative with lots of companies coming here by bus.
Wexford is stunning, one of Ireland’s most beautiful and popular counties partly due to the weather. Rolling fields and pretty towns and great people. Wexford, located in the sunny south east of Ireland is blessed with the best weather Ireland has to offer, boasting the most days with sunshine than any other county.

Reasons to Love Sunny Wexford

Balinaskeer Co Wexford

Wexford, what to do

Beautiful beaches and the ferry to France & Wales there is an abundance of things to do in Wexford. I love Rosslare as my granny is from there. The gem for me is Curracloe with its beautiful beach.

Reasons to Love Sunny Wexford

Curracloe beach, Co. Wexford

My family had a house there when I was a child and we went regularly.  I remember a more rustic place. The Ireland we grew up in was more rustic.  TV, Internet and the mighty dollar has changed us all especially the landscape of Ireland.  Its evident everywhere.

Reasons to Love Sunny Wexford

hurling team, laundry day

Where to stay? use the many booking sites for the best value but hotels are plentiful and the prices are vast, B&B’s, and mobile homes line the coastal towns so you have a lot of choice.

Wexford Nightlife & Shopping:

get out and about and enjoy what Wexford has to offer, apart from the great nature Wexford has great bars and restaurants offering basic to more higher end and maybe its the fact they get more sunshine, but they seem to be in a better mood than the rest of us living in the rest of the country.

Reasons to Love Sunny Wexford

first 99 of the year

Reasons to Love Sunny Wexford My favourite place for coffee is a hotel on the outskirts of town. Plenty of parking and the view is breathtaking. Yes I was sipping coffee looking at this blue water on a fabulous day in early April.  The locals are friendly too and if the sun is shining sure what else would you do except get a 99 if you don’t have kids grab someone else’s.  These are not my kids but its one of my favourite pictures of the summer.  I bought the 3 of them their first 99 of the year and their smiles and giggles made my day. So whether you come here to leave the country by ferry, or come from the beach or the many festivals Wexford has something for everyone and well worth a visit.


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