Is this the life you want?

Capitola, CaAlmost everyone I know leads these busy lives where they are constantly running from A to B trying to borrow from Peter to pay Paul.  Between conversations of mortgages and children and their discontent with their job or career or the government most of them in my opinion are pissed of with their lives.  So many people I know complain constantly yet do nothing to change anything. They spend so much time trying to accumulate material things that in the end we cant take with us. They give up going out on a Friday night because the mortgage is due or the electric bill is due that in the end a lot of the people I know simply exist.

11As I write this I’m sitting in a Starbucks in the USA looking at a woman easily in her late fifties, wearing short short shorts, her face obviously botoxed within an inch of reality, her lips look like ????????? and her reality is she has to look this way.  Her surgery probably cost over 50k and yet her credit card just got declined for 2.50. So I asked her “Is this the life you want?”

1532085_10151986717302758_367128159_nI’m not saying my choices are better.  But honestly that lifestyle was sucking the life out of me.  Its irrelevant what you pay on childcare or your mortgage as how you live your  life is your choice but for me personally I think it was killing me inside. So I asked my self a question “Is this the life you want?”

Between March 2014 and January 2015 I lost 7 friends. 6 to cancer and 1 to a road traffic accident. It makes you evaluate your life and take stock.  It certainly did for me.

My advice! pack a bag, buy a one way ticket and hit the road.  You’ll be a lot more happier.  The people I know who have packed in the old life for a one of uncertainty and adventure are a lot happier and definitely their conversations are a lot more interesting.

Just ask yourself the question. Is this the life you want?


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Just a girl from Ireland who wants to live everywhere. Not a planner, a winger when it comes to travel. I don't even like people who plan too much. Without spontaneity there is no depth. A jack of all trades. A great friend, loyal and passionate and I expect the same in return. Always ready for the next adventure at a moments notice.
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