This place is wrecking my head

moving Its time to start over.  Again.

As the title states, this place is wrecking y head. So I think a change is in order. A new place, a new bed, a new city, a new local coffee shop, everything new.  I have moved so many times before that people pay no attention when I say those words “I’m moving”.  But this time is different. Yes I am moving on.

There comes a time in your life when you think, ‘oh my God Is this it”? your kids are in college and while they still need you, its only at a distance.

  • 1)They need you for advice which you can do from anywhere in the world thanks to social media and Skype.
  • 2)They need you for money, which you can do from anywhere in the world in seconds thanks to my banking app.

God forbid my child should ever needs money and wifi goes down for an extended period.  We would be truly screwed.   It boils down to the realistic fact that if I am really organised and have a cleaner once a month to keep the house in order, someone to do his ironing which incidentally I never did anyway, heat and pay the bills until he is finished college, that he does not need me sitting in a house staring at four walls aging and waiting for death basically.  because that is the truth of it, what are we waiting for ? we grow up, get a job, get married (I didn’t), have kids, become grandparents, retire, gone on one holiday a year, grow old and die………………………..

Moving on

So the decision has been made to emigrate and leave him here alone.   Who knows how it will turn out??? watch this space.  One thing I do know, I will never call Ireland home again.

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Just a girl from Ireland who wants to live everywhere. Not a planner, a winger when it comes to travel. I don't even like people who plan too much. Without spontaneity there is no depth. A jack of all trades. A great friend, loyal and passionate and I expect the same in return. Always ready for the next adventure at a moments notice.
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