1st Class to the back seat of a cop car

1st Class to the back seat of a cop car Ireland to America

Dublin Airport’s new Terminal 2

1st class A bit of a mad day today which took me from 1st Class to the back seat of a cop car.  It started at 5.45 am in Naas Co. Kildare.  Taxi to the bus stop, shuttle to the airport, then checked in for my flight to Atlanta to be given a Business/first seat immediately.  Nice to have no waiting around. I did my usual walk through the duty free and heading for pre-clearance available at Dublin for all flights to the USA.  Again had a bit of luck here, as I’m a US citizen I got to go in the short queue.  That’s the best part of having dual citizenship you get to opt for the short queue most times.  The immigration officer even took the name of my blog to get in touch with me.  Holy God I’m off to a great start.

1st Class to the back seat of a cop car Ireland to America

My Passport My sign and me in a cafe as always

Off now for the obligatory double espresso to kick start my butt and the usual call my my dad inquiring of my whereabouts and status.  Sipped my coffee and boarded the plane.  I have to say, sitting up front on a long haul international is a great experience.  Fully extended seats into a bed make it fantastic and of course being greeted with champagne is a nice way to start the morning also.  Even if it is only 10am.

1st class on Delta Air Lines

1st Class to the back seat of a cop car Ireland to America

It did tast better at 30,000 ft

So it went like this, champagne, fancy nuts, starters of bresola and more fancy treats. Roast lamb cutlets followed by more fancy treats. Desserts, well there were to many to mention and I avoided them all.  Yes I did! but then the port and cheese plate which I did not avoid.  3 ports later a 4 hour nap was called for.  On this trip I didn’t watch a single movie however the choice was vast and very up to date.  This time I used my head and went to sleep.

1st Class Companies

8.5 hours later we arrived in Atlanta Ga, home of Delta Airlines CNN and many large companies.

1st Class Public Transport

OK its not really 1st class but definitely the easiest way to get into the city is Marta. Its a straight shoot to anywhere and get a lift to your destination from there.

I arrived at my station Eastlake, located one mile from Oakhurt Village. I had arranged to meet friends at the pub. I was staring blankly at the map minding my own business, not sure what direction to point myself in. Suddenly a loud voice shouted over at me, and it went like this:

1st Class to the back seat of a cop car Ireland to America

My police escort in Oakhurst Decatur Ga

Him: what you looking for?

Me:  Oakurst (I turned around and nearly broke my neck looking up.  There he was 6 feet and 10 inches tall with a gun on his hip and a big smile. Jesus this day just keeps getting better)

him: where’s that? I never heard of that.

me:   well you work here, I’m from Ireland. its a mile away in some direction?

him:  what you going there for?

me:  I’m meeting my friends in Steinbecks, a bar in Oakhurst

him: oh you are Irish, straight from the plane to the bar! he laughed

me:   that’s perfectly normal isn’t it? (said I in a confused state, its is to us)

him:  well I need to know where this place is. (he googled it and calls the bar, speaks to Logan the bartender and gets directions)

him:  I need to find this place.

me:    Well you can give me a lift there so (I said with a big smile, chancing my arm of course cause if you don’t ask well you will just never know.  That’s my philosophy)

him:   I could do that.

me:    cool.  What’s your name officer?

him:   Officer Fields.

me:    well your just the tallest man I’ve ever met.

him:  Yep (said he with a big ole grin).

1st Class to the back seat of a cop car Ireland to America

the view from the backseat of a cop car

Officer Fields proceeded to put my suitcase in the boot/trunk of the police car and drove me to the pub to meet my friends. Yep I arrived at my local pub sitting in the back of a Police Car.  I can tell you this, the back of an American cop car is not half as comfortable as the back of an Irish one.  Seemingly its all sealed so the criminals cannot pull the seats up and get at the officers.  Holy mother of God!!!   During the journey he filled me in on Atlanta and its changes and its neighbourhoods and how he loves his job which is easy to tell.  He definitely is a good ambassador  of the southern hospitality that this region is famous for.  I hope one day our paths cross again.

1st Class to the back seat of a cop car Ireland to America

me and officer Fields

Officer Fields had to take the selfie as he was so bloody tall I couldn’t get his head in the photo.  That’s a first!

Day 1 Dublin to Atlanta pretty good so far.  Who would have thought that I started my day in 1st Class and ended it in the back seat of a cop car, but I arrived 🙂  Now, time for a cold beer and see what mischief I can stir up.

1st Class to the back seat of a cop car Ireland to America

specials in local Decatur bar

Oh Look and its Wednesday…………

I can honestly say, that from start to finish today was a great day and there is nowhere else I would rather have spent it and no where else I would rather be right now.



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