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sailing in Croatia



Sailing in Croatia

Short version of me.  To cap it off.  My name is Sandra, I’m 44 years old.  I’ve been travelling for a long time, One the way I’ve had a baby in a strange country with no family or support.  I swore allegiance to another flag and got another passport, I signed up for the US navy, I joined the Garda Reserve.  I’ve buried my best friend and a boyfriend.  I’ve had more disastrous relationships than Liz Taylor.  I’ve survived car wrecks, 2 crash landings on planes, a war in the Middle East, riots in India, and was lost on a boat in Iranian waters and rescued by the coast guard after being found by the US military on their radar.   I bought my own boat and I bought and sold my own pub, won a best actress award, wrote and toured with a play, appeared on stage in Ireland and the USA, but most important I’ve raised an amazing son.  Along the way I’ve been to 60 countries, not everywhere but I’m going there soon.


Your fairy Godmother


Milano Italy June 2013


sailing Croatia


Los Angeles Jan 2013


For the first time in a long time I can change my life and choose one based on what I need.  My son is in college now and I don’t need to be home every night. In fact there’s no point as he isn’t there. I love my son more than anything but its OK to say you want more from life. Being a parent doesn’t define you.

I’m shocked how many people find this selfish. Suggesting perhaps that after 40 life is over and dreams and changes are not for spinsters. My philosophy is life is short, you might die tomorrow. Follow your heart and live your dream, not someone else’s.

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Just a girl from Ireland who wants to live everywhere. Not a planner, a winger when it comes to travel. I don't even like people who plan too much. Without spontaneity there is no depth. A jack of all trades. A great friend, loyal and passionate and I expect the same in return. Always ready for the next adventure at a moments notice.
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