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crikvenicaI came to Crikvenica twice from Silo, once by sailboat and once on a tour boat as the water taxi does not run on Sundays. Even when it does it is only in good weather as its a tiny narrow boat but its great as it flies. I had not planned either trip so didnt know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised.

From Silo we paid a tour boat to take us to Crikvenica as we needed to get buses. Crikvenica is a small town with a bus station that also does not open Sundays so have your ticket or at least the times, your ticket must be printed if you have booked ahead and the office will print it if its open but the bus driver cant do this or see bookings so be prepared.

There are hotels here and one hostel i found took my booking however the owner was out of crikvenicatown. He had his father come with the key. It turned out the had not even opened yet and I was alone in the building all night. No staff etc, just me. Very creepy. He didn’t charge me though so that was a bonus. I wouldn’t return to it mind you.

This is a great place to come from Rijeka airport as its only 33km and talks half hour. Rijeka airport is actually located on KRK island.

12122764_10156232457875014_6814851743452168797_n (1) 12189541_10156232457840014_1400642975618362438_nMy favourite cafe

in Crikvenica is Tosteria Mia.  It serves toasties etc and beer and wine and fantastic coffee. Wine is just over one euro, 8kn, coffee is 6. Large beer is 18kn and a large toasties fantastic fresh bread and ingredients enough for 2 is 20kn. Matea is a fantastic


the best waitress in Crikvenica

waitress/bar staff etc, they work alone here.  she speaks fluent English and was was so helpful with everything. Translation, directions etc. They have excellent strong free WiFi, and I hung out here booking flights hotels etc, actually I’m here now writing this 🙂  It is located next to the bus station and away from the more expensive cafes that line the waterfront.

My favourite restaurant

10151187_10156232457575014_3444393149018619289_nis little Italian very laid back restaurant serving fresh pizza either by the slice or whole for a better selection and salads, fresh fish etc.  They have great staff fluent in several languages and they let me charge everything while there.  They are just around the corner from the Tosteria Mia and are also great value.

The entire city of Crikvenica has free WiFi and its good too so if you sitting outside anywhere you will get a good connection.

Peak season is July 15 until mid September and from beaches with disco’s on the beach, boat tours etc this place gets really busy. There is a large fresh market once a week located by the port where you can stock up on fresh produce and also hand made Croatian wares.  There are plenty of facilities here, shopping, supermarkets, fresh bakeries so its a great little town if you are sailing or travelling and need supplies.

It is really beautiful and very enjoyable. I would definitely return.


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