Osor – day-2-sailing-Croatia

Osor - day-2-sailing-Croatia

Cres, Croatia

Day 2 of my sailing Croatia with strangers adventure.

The weather is amazing, a far cry  from the rain and miserable Irish summer that I’ve suffered May, June, July and August.  Today its 28C, but don’t worry we are well stocked with sunscreen:)  We awoke to the usual smell of fresh coffee and ate breakfast, then the task of cleaning up and getting everything ready for our sail to Osor, which should be about 4 hours.   The map is out and we are making tracks.   Zelimir has a GPS attached to the rudder, the like of which I have never seen before and I think its genius, I decided to learn some knots today, after all I have my own boat I should know how to do that and I have all summer to practice.    The sailing was not great today as we didn’t have enough wind, which annoyed the captain a lot.  For me it was fine as I was so mesmerized by the sheer beauty of Croatia that I am awestruck.  The hours passed and it was bliss.

Osor - day-2-sailing-Croatia

Osar Croatia

Osar Croatia

Osar Croatia

Osar Croatia

Osar Croatia

Osar Croatia Sept 2012 (20)

Osar Croatia

Osar Croatia

California Squid Osar Croatia

We arrived at Osor and moored next to the canal.

It was built by the Austrian Hungarian empire to avoid needing to make a big trip around the empire. Osor is a beautiful town full of history and with a very sad past. At one time this was a walled town but due to an outbreak of malaria in Osor they knocked the walls of which you can still see the remains so that air could move more freely and be fresh.  Many died from the disease.  Its funny as Croatians have told me this story. I didn’t read it anywhere, some have heard of it and others I’ve told about it and it was the first time they heard, folklore, I’m already spreading it:)   Osor is a village and a small port on the Cres Island in Primorie-Gorski Kotar County in western Croatia, population 63 which increases in the summer as tourism is the main source of income.   None of the people I spoke to live here full time, they all work summers here and winters in Zadar or Rijeka.  Osor lies at a narrow channel that separates islands Cres and Lošin. The first settlements of the area date in the prehistoric times. In Roman times, Osor, then called Apsoros, was an important center of trade on the route to the ports of Northern Adriatic.  After the fall of Roman Empire, Osor became a part of Byzantine Empire and was a seat of archdiocese since the 6th century.  In 840 it was burned down by Saracens, in the 10th century, it came under Croatian rule. In The 14th century it was under the rule of the Republic of Venice, in the 19th under the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and after first World World part of the Kingdom of Italy. After World War II Osor-Ossero was a part of the Republic of Yugoslavia.  Today, Osor is a tourist-oriented town in the Republic of Croatia, with sculptures of Ivan Mestrovic and others scattered around the center. Several camping sites are located in the surroundings.   Osar Croatia Sept 2012 (17) There are four restaurants in Osor and my favourite is the OSOR restaurant.  Its such a romantic looking restaurant and believe me I’m not a hopeless romantic but this restaurant would make you want to be there with someone.  I told you Croatia was magical.  Its the middle of the afternoon, siesta time I guess and I’m alone in the restaurant with just the staff.  A glass of wine perhaps??? and definitely the local squid served with a local side dish made of spinach and potatoes is amazing.  One thing to remember Croatian wine will kick your ass mix it with water.

There are 2 types of squid available at most Croatian restaurants Croatian Squid or Californian Squid, amazingly enough Californian squid is half the price, so if your on a budget and still want to have the squid choose this one, its still amazing.

There is a nice number of boats here for the day but at 8 am and 5 pm the area fills up as the bridge lifts and a rush of boats try to make it.  It reminds me of Portumna Ireland.  These are the  only times the bridge lifts so make it or spend the night. There is a beautiful camping site here also, one for tents and one for camper vans and caravans and if I wasn’t on a boat which is my first choice staying here would be no hardship, the views are spectacular as the site is one one of the most beautiful sites I’ve ever seen.

There are great hiking trails and walks you can do here. The hike takes 3.5 hours, maybe tomorrow 🙂 for today, ill eat great fish, drink good wine swim and sleep.

Osar Accomodation

There is one B&B here for 25 Euro a night per person, more expensive if you only stay one night and if your alone a 50% surcharge. I highly recommend this island  for a romantic break, a solo trip, and a great spot for families as long as nature is the only entertainment you need.  Its a writers paradise or a place to escape where you can swim to your hearts content at the small but lovely beaches, the sea here is warmer than other places because of the currents which only adds to the perfection of the place. CWe are spending the night here so we are in no hurry however  I’d better go as its my turn to cook.  I pity the crew, I hope they don’t have high expectations as this wine has kicked in:)  I wouldn’t come here if I wanted entertainment or a night life, clubs or discos, this is more of  a chill-ax type of place.   I don’t know who I’ve impressed in heaven to be on this trip.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

They loved dinner by the way 🙂Osar Croatia Sept 2012 (3)

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