My House is haunted – What do I do now?

Haunted House
My house is haunted

I  have always believed that people in the spirit can make contact and that we as mere mortals sometimes cling to this for comfort when we loose someone close to us.  The sheer comfort believing that we will one days see each other again and that they are there in the background looking out for us.   We need that comfort to acknowledge our relationship and also to not feel so alone and to somehow just help us cope with our grief.

I recently moved into a 43 year old house in Ireland that is built very close to an old Gallows.  Many years ago the English would make the prisoners go through the town on their knees in chains to this area and until very recently there was a tree where they were hanged.   Then they would pour acid onto the bodies so they would disintegrate quicker.  Also very recently a new road was built in this area and the tree chopped down, bones were discovered and I’m guessing reburied.   I always knew this as I grew up on this same street.   The house I’ve just rented has had a lot of people live here in the past and yet no one has ever settled and any couple that has ever lived here has since divorced their relationship ended while living in this house. My House is haunted – What do I do now?

I was only in the house a couple of days in fact I hadn’t even slept here when I started hearing noises.  Sometimes the noises were so loud I thought there was someone in the house with me.  Id check outside, Id walk around but nothing.  When I was upstairs the noise was downstairs and visa verse.

The house was in very bad shape and I started changing things immediately.  Painting, sanding, plumbing etc.  The first night I stayed over, everything was fine, the second night I tossed and turned and woke several times and felt someone was in the room standing over the bed.  At this point the water heater went and we had no water.  the third night I was frozen in fear in bed and could hear so many noises I was afraid to leave until daylight at which point I got dressed and ran down the stairs and out of the house.

It was time to call in a professional.  I occasionally go to a spiritual healer so I called her and asked if she could come and do a clearing in my house a blessing if you will of sorts.  She advised me to buy sage in an angel store which I did.  I bought every piece of sage he had left in the store.   I also bought a crystal which is supposed to ward of evil spirits and made it into a necklace and as uncomfortable as it was I wore it night and day.  Yes I am not ashamed to say I was afraid to take it off.

She arrived and started upstairs.  She went with the sage from room to room and as she did it was evident all was not right.  When she entered my room she said she felt a presence a woman.  It was the same room I had felt something.  Worse was to come as when she entered my sons room she felt spirits and said they were evil.  This room had creep-ed both myself and my son out and I had been avoiding it at all costs.  I even asked him if he wanted a different room and we would just use that as storage.  “I don’t believe in spirits” was his reply as he laughed at me, so he kept his choice of room.  She continued working her way through the house but her message was clear, we will not be long in this house and that there is an evil presence here that she is having trouble shifting but she did clear the energy as best she could and then she left.

My house is haunted

I was in shock to say the least.  I’ve always believed in spirits so this was freaking me out.  Things had gotten so bad I would only come in the day and left before it was dark and was genuinely hearing things all the time but I had paid a deposit and rent and I had spent a lot of money so far renovating it and furnishing it.

The next step was to call a diviner at her request.  I also had the whole house professionally painted.  I got a priest and another spiritual person in.  I went into the room with holy water sprayed it and ran out of the house.  Each day I would get braver or the place started to become less scarier I’m not sure.  I prayed to everyone dead I knew.  I asked them for help.  I did everything I could think of.  On the last day I walked in with sage, said out loud who I was, how long I wanted to live there.  I was quite happy for us all (Me and the spirits to live there.  I didn’t mean any harm, I was a good person and please let us stay.  I walked out and said to myself, you are a bloody nutter, yes at this stage I was talking out-loud to myself for company.  You have finally lost the plot Sandra.

My house is haunted

they are always watching

Each night I would post something on Facebook.  Friends from all over the world were commenting, and laughing at the entertainment value of my fear and my real life reality show.  The last spiritual person I had come over said the place was cleared.  Whatever my healer had done managed to calm the spirits I feel.  I don’t believe they are gone.  I still hear movement and today was very active.  Sometimes I say things out-loud to them and sometimes I stand really still and wonder if I am in fact really in tune with the spirit world or just another nutter  As it stands I am still here.  Ryan has not spent a single night here even though he still claims he doesn’t believe in spirits.  Quite amusing really.  We shall see! My House is haunted – What do I do now?

My house is haunted

He even came over one night moved the furniture and took all the clothes out of my closet.  I came home saw this and ran out of the house screaming.  I still have to pay him back for that one.  Watch out Ryan.

I have been here about 6 weeks now, things have calmed down a lot but there are nights I fell they are very active.  Last night for example doors banged things moved all night, the house was freezing yet it wasn’t cold outside.  There is a wall in my bedroom and every time I place anything on it, it falls off withing 20 minutes.  Ive done it several times and it hits the ground within about 20 minutes and is left upside down every time.   We know we wont be here long term but that was the plan anyway.

My house is haunted

Ryan thinks I’m a nutter but there’s nothing new there.  I’m still open to the spirits and when I come in I shout I’m home, I clatter around just to give them some warning.  Maybe they are giving me the same respect?

My house is haunted
Haunted House

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