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Kinsale West CorkKinsale

Having spent a lot of time over the last 5 years in Kinsale I can now say I feel that I can give people advise on the amazing town located in West Cork. It is about 30 minutes from the airport and less than one hour from Cork city.

It is without question one of Ireland’s best towns for so may reason’s and restaurants are definitely a reason to go. Fresh local produce and a great selection is what you don’t find in many towns around Ireland but Kinsale leads the way.

12991860_10156880238050014_463365128_o Kinsale’s Beauty.

Kinsale is stunning and the coastline of Ireland that it occupies is one of the prettiest in the world. If you like sailing, fishing, water sports, golfing, biking, hiking, great restaurants, Irish pubs, traditional music, lovely people etc, then you will find it here in abundance.


Kinsale West CorkMy favourite restaurants in Kinsale

  1. Bastion, gourmand heaven, their food excites me, very expensive, but the bubbly is on tap.
  2. The Black Pig, for the wine lover, these guys know their wine, and they have a lovely tapas style menu, and usually one or two specials, as well as the black pig on the spit for carving.
  3. The Supper Club; the newest on the scene, a cocktail menu is at the center of events. I had the best starter, divine! The steak was good, twice cooked chips with Parmesan and truffle oil, very tasty.
  4. Jim Edwards because of its great food, full bar, and big portions. This is comfort eating at its best.
  5. Flame, for Asian Tapas. New, so I have only been once. I had a sensational dish and 2 OK dishes on first trip, this used to be my favourite when it was run by Jean Mark as Shanghai.
  6. Restaurant d’Antibes The White House, Good. I tend to go in for the bar-food here.
  7. Blue Haven Good. Again I go for the bar-food,
  8. Jim Edwards My favourite bar-food menu is the best.
  9. Finns Table expensive menu.
  10. Man Friday Oldest of the circle, and next door to The Spaniard pub. Good.
  11. Fishy Fishy Martin loves fish on da telly, delicious but expensive, I like it more for lunch with a crisp white wine and you should make a reservation.
  12. Sidney’s Brasserie Actons Hotel, lacking in ambiance for me.
  13. White Lady My son loves it, I would never think of it on my own. Pier One, OK, as far as I remember, I went once.
  14. Trident Hotel.
  15. Toddies, haven’t been for ages, but it was fab, and has the best view in Kinsale, situated over the Bulman pub.

Kinsale West Cork Kinsale West Cork

  1. Best pubs in Kinsale

  2. The Spaniard, comfy, old style, music quite often, open fires. They have a restaurant attached, its good.
  3. The Harbour Bar. Bottled drink only, no draught, enjoy Tim’s tiny living room, the cute dog, open fire, down past The Man Friday.
  4. The Market Bar and Greyhound, attached to each other, live music on holidays only in the Market, never in The Greyhound, it’s a proper pub.
  5. The Folk House, great bands.
  6. The Bulman. Where everyone goes when the sun is shining, to sit on the harbour wall. Tasty bar-food, but expensive and reserved portions.
  7. Cafes Salvis, cheap and cheerful, local Blue cafe, good coffee, great breakfast.
  8. The Farmers Market is on Wednesday morning, so the square outside of Jim Edwards if the place for great coffee and food that day.



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