Museums of Madrid for free

Museums of Madrid for free

Free Free Free, there are always ways to save your hard earned cash. I say it all the time, travel doesn’t have to cost the earth. If Museums and art galleries are your thing then here are some tips to see these 5 museums in Madrid for free.

Madrid is one of my favourite European cities and definitely my favourite Spanish city. Its no wonder its the capital since 1561.

5 Free Museums in Madrid

free museums Madrid

This is not my first visit so I am planning to hit up my favourite restaurants and cafes but this time I’m going to do the museums. So far all I’ve managed to fit in is the naval museum. It’s outstanding and I highly recommend it. You can find details on my other Madrid article and also a link in English at the end of this page. Madrid is actually a great value city as opposed to Barcelona which is more touristy. There are great bargains to be had  if your interested in art and museums. So I’ve put together a list of museums and art galleries that wont cost you a penny. If you would like some tips on bars, cafe’s and tapas bars then click on any link to Madrid for my list. You wont regret visiting here. Its an amazing city full of life.

1)  Museo Del Prado

Free admission Tuesday to Saturday from 6pm – 8pm and on Sundays fro 5pm to 8pm.

Other free days. December 6th, November 19th, October 12th, May 2nd and international Museum day May 18th.

2) Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia

Check out a Picasso or Dali

Free Admission Wednesday Thursday Friday 7-9pm. Saturday 2.30pm – 9pm and Sunday 10 am – 2.30pm.

Other free days: April 18th, May 18th, October 12th and December 6th.

3) Museo Naval de Madrid (love this one)

5 Free Museums in Madrid

Free entry

Free every day. Open Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 6pm

4) Caxia Forum Madrid

This is located in the heart of the city. They hold events all year round.  The museum is free every day. Open 10am – 8pm.

5)  Museo Arte Publico

This museum is open since 1970. It is an outdoor museum and is free everyday.

Of course Ill do other things also. I have to revisit my favourite tapas bars and have the famous Madrid Gin and Tonic. All my favourite bars and restaurant info can be found here Madrid

For more info and bargains on museums check out this link.



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