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Edinburgh on a budget, I was prompted to do this by people who say “oh I cant afford to travel”. If your smart and spend some time reading some local tips or blogger tips you can save money everywhere. Avoiding the tourist locations and places most “holiday” people go is the key to travel and getting a real experience in every situation. Of course if you wont go until you can do it like a Kardashian then your probably right. Bear in mind, they might have been to different destinations, but they never get the real experience of life in the destination they are in.

Edinburgh is one of the best cities in the whole of the UK and even though sterling is very high at the moment, once you are there the cost of living is lower than a lot of places in the UK.


I’m house sitting during the fringe, hotels, hostels and b & b’s are booked in advance and the prices are all elevated at this time. Through house sitting I have a full house and car free. There are many hotels & hostels in the centre of the city of all price ranges.


The public transport system in Edinburgh is excellent but expensive. The UK public transport system is one of the most expensive in Europe.  It consists of trains, trams and buses.  Weekly tickets are available but not weekend tourist ones like other major European cities. If you are staying in the city you can walk everywhere and you wont need transport. Taxi’s are good value also.

Edinburgh food and drink

Best Cocktail bar without question Juniper bar on Princess Street.  Located in a hotel its upscale all the way and that’s how I like it.  All natural ingredients and the waitstaff are the best I’ve ever encountered. That’s a genuine compliment from someone in the hospitality sector. The food was outstanding on every occasion I went and the ambiance superb.


Juniper Bar


yes, cocktails in a tea pot.


Russian roulette, best cocktails ever


Margarita no chemicals. The ice is frozen fruit. Unbelievable

BEST CAFE Drummond street in the old town, and Toast in the Marchmont area.

Coffee:) everyone who knows me know’s I’m a die hard coffee fan and a huge fan of excellent cafe’s especially when I travel. The reality is I had some crap coffee and food in Edinburgh during the fringe when the prices were higher but not in the 2 I just listed.

The worst coffee, service and prices and food actually was at a restaurant called The Circus.

The Meadows: famous in Edinburgh and If the weather is decent you really should head over to the Meadows. You can bring a picnic, your lunch, a barbie, a ball, play sport hang with friends barbecue in beautiful surroundings. Basically its a big open space / park. It was one of my favourite things about Edinburgh.

There are many tours and you will be inundated with people shoving flyers in your face. The best in Europe in general tend to be the free ones but don’t forget to tip a minimum of ten pounds sterling. I’ve used this company many times all over Europe, they are reliable, safe and professional. The guides do not make a salary and rely on your tips. Don’t go if your going to rip them off is my advice. http://www.newedinburghtours.com/ there are also many ghost tours.

Famous Streets, Princess St, High Street. Edinburgh itself if divided into the Old town and the new town.

The Castle looks over you wherever you are in Edinburgh and a tour of this is a must. Its full of underground tunnels and when they were discovered hundreds of years ago a bagpiper was sent down to explore. He disappeared however and legend has it the sound of the bagpipes can be heard coming from the tunnels as his spirit searches for freedom.


photo credit Magic Hour Travelscapes

 Shopping for Cashmere in Edinburgh

The main thing to buy here is cashmere and the Royal Mile is lined with stores trying to see you cashmere. DON’T BUY IT HERE. The prices are very high and aimed at tourists. Here is where the locals go. Jenners, Romances and Paterson, Hector Russel.

Whats close to visit ?

Day trips are available to everywhere. Glasgow is only 40 minutes. St Andrews is just over one hour away and there are many lovely fishing villages on the coast to explore. I did all of them especially St. Andrew’s. I returned several times to this town. Its exquisite and I highly recommend.

Edinburgh is not for everyone however. If you are mobility challenged I think you will find it a difficult city. Lots of steps and uphill battles and cobbled streets in place. Lots of restaurants and bars only have toilets located down sharp flight of stairs.


military tattoo Edinburgh 2015


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