Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival has been on my bucket list for years.

The castle the scenery the cool vibe of the city………… and all that of course.  But really for people like me who love live theatre, stand-up comedy and people who love to get their ass on stage themselves the chance to see the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which incidentally is the biggest festival of its kind in the world this is a place I’ve wanted to go for years.  Do you think I can convince any of my friends to come?????? no !!!! is the short answer to that question. So after years of not going because I had no friends interested I have decided to bite the bullet and I’m going on my own.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Pat Kinevan Irish Actor. The show Underneath

Tickets booked and I’ve sorted a house and a car for free. Yes free. Im going to be house sitting 2 lovely dogs and for that I get a free 2 bedroom house and the use of a car in my dream destination with so much to see and do for  almost 3 weeks.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival here I come.

Living the dream, the law of attraction works every time.

The next question is to figure out the shows and how to attend as many shows as possible and meet people.

Ill update this as I go but for now my to do list includes

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

photo credit Magic Hour Travelscapes

* find the coolest coffee shop/cafe in Edinburgh and the suburb town that I will be staying at. I did drink a lot of coffee, some was absolute crap. In general there are so many cafes in the city center. The Royal Mile, Princess St. You will find great ones. At this time of the year they are so crowded that you really have to pick your time and place. My top 2 BEST CAFE Drummond street in the old town, and Toast in the Marchmont area.

* find the best shows to go to, preferably day time ones so ill be back to walk the dogs in the evening. Yes dogs as I will be house sitting 2 lovely dogs and they will be my companions for the time in Edinburgh. This proved to be very easy and many of the shows are free and entertainment around the city center also. The amount of shows can be overwhelming no matter how organized you are.

* get fit. I plan to walk minimum 5 miles a day with these 2 lovely pooches and we can all get the exercise we need. (this did not happen but I did walk at least 2-3 a day, sometimes more).

11890920_10155978577140014_4015042745562685760_n 970740_546995425351078_1750763827_n military tatoo Edinburgh 2015

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

best cocktails in Edinburgh

11891226_10155968728155014_3367015420443541433_n * apart from the fringe festival I want to see the Castle and the amazing views everyone talks about. Yes I did this and the amazing towns around it. Fife, St. Andrews. I met up with an old friend who took me to lots of little villages in the surrounding area.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

On stage at the fringe

for more info on Edinburgh, my favourite bars etc check out my other blog post Edinburgh




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