People are boring! Well some of them

“people are boring. They live dull lives. Follow the rules. do what they are told. Why? We will all be dead in 50 years. Well you might not. Nothing matters really. All this crap we kill ourselves on. How much of it really matters.”  Ordinary lies.

I absolutely love this line. I reminded and played several times and for some reason it really affected me.  I’m sure it’s probably a word with different meanings. I think people who don’t travel, try different foods, experience different cultures, take package holidays, go on cruises, eat in chain restaurants, or heaven forbid Starbucks and drink rubbish coffee. I personally think these are all traits of boring people. However to others this could be a truly exciting lifestyle.

Physiologists however have broken the “boring people” down as follows.

    1. Negative egocentrism. The #1 most boring way of behaving was what the researchers described as “being negative and complaining, talking about one’s problems, displaying disinterest in others.”
    2. Banality. “Talking about trivial or superficial things, being interested in only one topic, and repeating the same stories and jokes again and again.”
    3. Low affectivity. Showing little enthusiasm, speaking in a monotone, engaging in very little eye contact, behaving in a very unexpressive way.
    4. Tediousness. “Talking slowly, pausing a long time before responding, taking a long time to make one’s points, and dragging conversations on.”
    5. Passivity. Having little to say, not having any opinions, being too predictable or too likely to try to conform with what everyone else is saying.
    6. Self-preoccupation. Talking all about yourself.
    7. Seriousness. Coming across as very serious, rarely smiling.
    8. B–ing ingratiation. “Trying to be funny or nice in order to impress other people.”
    9. Distraction. Doing things that interfere with the conversation, getting sidetracked too easily, and engaging in too much small talk.

Then they figured out the habits of these people

  1. Here are a few of the ways they discovered that b–ing and interesting people behaved differently:
    1. Interesting people disclose more of their thoughts and feelings than b people do. (This is different from just talking about yourself all the time.)
    2. Interesting people also contribute more information, not just emotions, to the conversation than boring people do.
    3. B people use more “empty words” and say more things that don’t mean much. For example, saying “uh-huh” to agree with other people, but not much else.
    4. B people also contribute less to the conversation overall than interesting people do.

So is there a cure for this dreadful ailment. Yes of course, shut the heck up. Listen instead of talking. Talk about topics instead of situations not yourself. Although from reading the definitions here I think there is a certain amount of narcissism in these people. I wonder if you can actually change at all.


boring People

boring people

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