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IMG_1889Anytime I’m bored or cannot make a decision with my life I head to the airport.  Today is no exception.  I woke up this morning with that old familiar feeling of where to next and called the airport and booked a flight.  A long flight ………………………. I live in the US for about 16 years and I returned to my native Ireland 9 years ago. Having worked for the airlines for many years I got to fly everywhere for very little money but the flip side of that is I have never really had a real road trip adventure. Well now is the time. Life is short and I love change so here goes. Road Trip USA lets be having ya.


IMG_2044 IMG_2132In the last 2 months I’ve returned to places I’ve lived before.  I’ve made great new friends and rekindled friendships with great old ones.  It has led me to one conclusion, I am really lucky, and happy, and also to the conclusion that I’m just bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with my life and when you know this it makes the decisions to change easier.  Boredom and discontent are a close relation of misery and stagnation.  If I don’t make permanent changes the latter 2 will move in and claim residency.  Sure, we cant be having that.

So its time to head to the airport and board that plane and make some life altering decisions. And if I’m ever in doubt, well a road trip seems like it could cure a multitude of things.

Who knows where after that????????????????????? the world is full of twisting roads all screaming for a road trip adventure!!!! .facebook_1837535431

Road trip USA

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Just a girl from Ireland who wants to live everywhere. Not a planner, a winger when it comes to travel. I don't even like people who plan too much. Without spontaneity there is no depth. A jack of all trades. A great friend, loyal and passionate and I expect the same in return. Always ready for the next adventure at a moments notice.
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