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Breakfast My favourite meal of the day

Breakfast, whats for breakfast? where are we going for breakfast? who’s going out for breakfast? what are you having for breakfast? the list goes on. Needless to say, we love going out for breakfast, and trying as many new places and old favourites as possible. Plus Its my favourite meal to eat out and whether its alone or with friends, in my home town or while travelling finding the best places to eat breakfast in a city is my goal. I like to keep searching and find the new treasures added by people who love good food and love the idea of bringing people together doing so. Add your favourite at the end if you like one. Ill check it out and see what I think. Share the wealth and help spread the word about the best places in Dublin to eat breakfast.

No 1. Farmer Browns at The Village, Rathmines, Dublin 6.

breakfastThis has replaced a city center location and it might not always be convenient but when I’m remotely close, this is the restaurant I head to.  Farmer Brown’s is quite new and it has the best oatmeal I have ever had, soaked overnight. Great coffee, great staff, quirky, laid back, clean, clean toilets, and outstanding locally sourced quality ingredients.

N0 2. Elephant and Castle, Fleet St. Temple Bar

My son loves this American style restaurant. We have been there twice this week alone. Mainly as they open earlier breakfastthan others in the area. Most restaurants in Temple Bar open at 10 am and aren’t really ready to serve food or coffee until 10.30. This restaurant gets busy and often fills up. Service is very slow but the food is great. We have never had a bad meal here, the porridge serving is huge. Not my favourite in town but my sister really liked it. American style pancakes, great eggs with basil, and some of the best coffee in Dublin and free refills. My sister is visiting Ireland and said after a 3 week stay this was the best coffee she has had in Ireland. Open at 8am. On weekends they do a killer brunch.

No 3. La Gondala Temple Bar

This is my newest favourite. I found it by accident and wandered in while waiting for a table around the corner. Their lunch and dinner menu is great also. The only downside is the hours. They don’t open until ten and the coffee machine is not warm until 10.30 normally but they do serve breakfast all day.

No 4. Meet me in the Morning, Pleasants St. (just off Camden St)

The breakfast choices are unreal. Open at 9 Tuesday – Friday and 10 on Saturday.

No 5. Sister Sadie’s Harrington st. Dublin 2

a sister to Brother Hubards and equally yummy with great staff and great coffee. The oatmeal is outstanding as are other items. Open at 8 am which suites me just fine.

No 6. The Bay Restaurant, Clontarf


The Bay healthy breakfast

Ive eaten here twice now and their menu is fantastic. I love the decor and the staff are fantastic. They open at 9am everyday except Sunday and its 9.30 until 21.00 Sundays. The views alone make it worth the trip. Take the 130 bus from Dublin city centre and jump out at the restaurant.

Brunch only at weekends

No 7. Bear, South William St. Dublin 2 11am Weekends only

Brunch is from 11am and only at weekends. Its a very cool menu and expensive.  At 25 euro per person it is steep in my book for breakfast.

No 8. Lorenzo’s Georges St. Dublin 2 10.30 – 4 pm weekends only

Opens at 11am for brunch, it gets busy so your time at the table is limited as they need to flip them. Not cheap by any means, but the menu is outstanding. Modern Italian New York Style as it says on their website. Very busy, make a reservation.

No. 9. Whitefriar Grill Aungier St Dublin 2.




This is for brunch and its weekends only from 10.30 – 4pm. The hours are not my favourite so its a once off for me but yummy.

Hope you like my choices, they will changes as restaurants and menu’s do or some close as new ones open.  Feel free to add your own in the comment box

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