The River Barrow

The River Barrow


If you had a star sign I’d bet money it was Gemini.  Your changing status and currents link you closely to the sign often called the twins and referred to by many as the split personality sign.

As with most Gemini people I know, you never quite know what you’re going to get.  Will it be the quiet subdued twin or the wild rambunctious unreliable one?  There are days when you’re so calm and beautiful that nature bounces off you with reflections of birds, boats, 15th century castles, walls and bridges built by the Normans to protect what they felt was now theirs.  In just one night we can awake to find your calm replaced and like a human who ate too much cake your girth now spreads over fields and onto roads.  Your speed making it too dangerous to navigate, taking debris with you and filling up so bridges cannot be traveled under.  It’s as if the other twin woke up and said “go away world, I want a duvet day”, and who could blame you.  Hell, we all have those days.

And again within a few hours you’ve mellowed, the sun comes out, your levels drop just enough to slow your pace, boats pass, children swim, people bring their animals for a dip, much to the annoyance of the fishermen who love you no matter what twin shows up.

Knowing you have 2 other sisters makes me think sometimes you do this for attention.  In a country as beautiful as ours we often forget the beauty God gave us directly.

In our own back yard you sit year round, often unnoticed by many who drive and walk past you every day.  And like so many people we fail to notice in our community until something wakes and shocks us.  You are invisible to many until the wild twin shows her face and again your speed picks up, boats stop sailing and you force us to notice you and pay attention.

But as with most Gemini’s I know, their light shines bright and when they are at the party it’s always more enjoyable.  You control the pace; you dictate when we can use you and when you’re just not in the mood.  When we become too complacent, you, as with all nature shake us up and burst your banks with rage and fury and remind us that no matter what technology brings Mother Nature will always rule.

You are a sight to behold and of the three sisters:- The Barrow, The Nore, and the Shore, you are in my opinion the fairest of all.

Us Gemini’s always seem to find each other.  Maybe that’s why I like you so much.

Sandra O’Rourke-Glynn  twitter @livetoexplore

River Barrow

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