I Am So Bloody Blonde

Sandra & Pappa Smurf

Sandra & Pappa Smurf

It’s official I’m am truly the blondest person I know.  Today I entered a store that ten years ago I almost bought. I was innocently having a look around when I overheard these 2 men discussing a decoy duck for hunting that was no longer made.  What isn’t on the video thank god is him arranging to take it apart for me to take home, the batteries, the weight for plane travel.

After all the excitement a lady approached me and informed me that they are with a show very similar to Candid Camera on Turner broadcasting network and I was brilliant in that I fell hook line and sinker.  They then gave me $50.00 for my permission to use it in their bloody show. Yes as if my knowing I had a truly blonde moment wasn’t embarrassing enough. The whole of America will get to see my blonde mojo also. Lets hope there’s a power outage the night it airs. Blonde or what?

Oh the embarrassment!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but hey, if you cant laugh at yourself then you have no business laughing at others.

Location: the town of Avondale in Georgia, USA

Sandra’s blonde moment

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I’m such a muppet



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