Laubach Germany a hidden treasure



is a beautiful German town located 90 minutes drive from Frankfurt with beautiful scenery to engage you as you drive is perhaps the biggest surprise of this trip. Frankfurt is the closest main airport if you want to reach Laubach.

my reason for visiting Laubach –

volunteering with German business people assisting them to perfect their already good Laubach Germanyconversational English. The company I’m with is Diverbo called Englishhausen. I have only good things to say about the whole experience and the staff are great.

Laubach small town gossip 🙂

Laubach GermanyThe town of Laubach has one Irish resident and yes she found me. Word got around I was there and she actually had people take her to me. Funny as it sounds its entirely true. Actually she is there 16 years and speaks German so much her native English is now quite bad. Her children don’t even speak English which I found shocking. The village also has one English female resident and one Welsh. You guessed right, they all know each other. The population is 10,000 and its your typical German town, clean, orderly, quiet and very pretty.

Accomodation in Laubach

12196245_10156232487545014_8519635027287897601_nLaubach GermanyWe are staying at the hotel Waldhause hotel which I highly recommend. Its on the outskirts of Laubach but is a lovely walk into the town. Its directly opposite a forest, this forest is actually one of new graveyards popping up all over Germany. Very pretty, however there are ticks and lime disease has been found in this area so be very careful.  The food in the hotel is great, the beer is good and cold and the staff are very nice. I really cannot wait to return to this venue.

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If you are curious about volunteering with this company I suggest you find their Facebook page. The volunteers are very friendly and will help with all your questions. If you are a local looking to practice your English without leaving Germany I highly recommend this model and can vouch for the success rate of the participants.

There are many walks and things to do here, the village is walking distance. but if you want to enjoy yourself of sleep for your siesta then feel free. There will be an organised walking tour of the town and it really is lovely. I was here in the height of summer and it was over 40 degrees Celsius so not particularly nice to be walking around in but was all made better by a fabulous ice cream in the local shop afterwards.

I went in to a little more detail in my piece about volunteering in Germany.

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