Road Trips USA

Road Trips USA

Road Trips USA:

Today from Gilroy California to San Francisco airport.

Today’s adventure will take me back to San Francisco to pick up my friend Liz. I haven’t seen here in a few years but she’s always good for an adventure. Napa is actually her idea. I don’t think I would ever have contemplated it. So I’m off swap rental cars and continue into the 6th week of “the California Road Trip”. With over 10 thousand miles covered this Toyota Yaris while not a great car in general was nifty for size and great for in-town driving.  I’m sure it wasn’t designed for long distances.  It is comfortable though and cheap to fill.

I’m waiting for rush hour to end before I start my day.

From there we head to Napa Valley wine country.  I have no idea where we are kind of winging it for the week.  No plans at all and I have not researched it. This is the first week that I have company on this trip. I’ve kind of gotten used to my own company. For wine visits it will be nice to have company.  There are some things I just wouldn’t be interested in doing alone.

And I’ve just come up with a plan “Healdsburg” so prepare yourself Healdsburg we are on the way.×427/


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