Athens GA 10 Reasons to love it

Athens GA 10 Reasons to love it

Broad St, Athens

Athens Ga is one of the coolest towns in Georgia hands down.  Driving distance from Atlanta as in within 2 hours 🙂 less if there’s no traffic but Atlanta’s traffic can suck believe me.  They call it a city but to me its a big town and I mean that as a compliment.


the famous arch at University of Georgia’s campus connects UGA to

Athens GA 10 Reasons to love it

The Arch, UGA

downtown Athens.  Made of Iron at the Old Athens foundry in the mid 1850’s it has served as a meeting place and demonstration location for years.  The most famous demonstration kicked off in 1963 when 2 black students were admitted to UGA.  To date the Arch is the most famous landmark in UGA. It was also the place where students placed candles at in honor of the 9/11 victims.  Famously when you graduate you walk under the arch.  Many students wait until their graduation to walk under it for the first time. Continue through the arch and your in downtown.

Social life in Athens

A great array of quirky, hipster shops, cool bars, Athens has such a young vibe and great music scene its alive.  Home to many great bands  B-52s, Ravenstone, Azure Ray, Pylon, Dreams So Real, Drive-By Truckers, Widespread Panic, Love Tractor, and R.E.M. It is not just known for the vibrant music scene but also its array of restaurants and and cafe’s make it one of the coolest places in America.

University of Georgia Athens

was voted the no.1 party college in America for one reason, downtown Athens.  For dinner check out the Last Resort Grill or many of places to choose from as the food scene is booming. For something different to do why not take a tour of Terrapin Brewery Co. for $10. they were recently listed in the top 25 of craft beer companies in the US.

Famous for the GA Bulldogs, Athens is a huge football town.

Athens GA 10 Reasons to love it


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