Travelling within – Croatia

Travelling within Croatia


Getting around Croatia can seem daunting yet when you arrive. Have no fear It is very simple. There are no trains, so you must rely on buses. Don’t worry though the service is good and cheap.

Ferries operate between June and September. You might be able to take one if its going to your destination. They are subsidized by the government and are often faster and cheaper than the bus.

Travelling within Croatia: websites to help

Travelling within Croatia, train Venice to Trieste

Travelling within Croatia: Ferries

Travelling within Croatia via bus


On long journey’s through the country, remember to buy the ticket before you get on. You must pay the driver extra for a bag. Grumpy is a whole new word here.  He will give you a bag ticket so don’t loose it.

If you are using local buses in Croatia. You can buy tickets single or in bulk from Kiosks everywhere. Its cheaper to do that but if you forget the bus driver will sell you one. You must have exact change and it is more expensive. The prices vary from city to city with Dubrovnik being the most expensive. Activate it once you begin your journey and you can use it as many times as you want in 90 minutes.

Travelling within Croatia


Travelling within Croatia: Crossing borders

Crossing into Bosnia is hard going to the eye for westerners really.  Watching people being treated like shit is hard for me. The hatred is still there between all sides. But that is only my opinion.  My point is the border check points can be slow and tedious and actually make little sense. You will probably witness someone being yelled at in front of everyone. I have never crossed the border in the Balkans where everyone got through. Western foreigners were fine it was the locals who had the problem.

Travelling within Croatia

Susak Island

I wanted to get a tax form stamped on the border. Ill never bother again. They don’t do often it seems so they had to find a stamp. It took about 30 mins to locate the stamp therefore delaying the bus. The driver was not happy at all. I never did get my refund.

Enjoy Croatia. If you have any questions please ask via the comment section.

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