Lake Bled Slovenia – Student style

Lake Bled

Lake Bled Slovenia

When you’re a broke student you don’t really have much options when it comes to holidays, you know that luxury 5* hotels aren’t in your price range and like a lot of other young people you take the Inter Rail route, which is exactly what I opted for.  After visiting countless major European cities filled with the hustle and bustle of people and traffic I found myself travelling through Slovenia.  The remote surroundings were a breath of fresh air (literally & physically 🙂 Myself and two other lovely ladies backpacked it to the capital, Ljubljana.  From here a short bus journey brought us out to Lake Bled.  First impressions had us blown away, the picturesque backdrop of the mountains overlooking the glistening lake.

Lake Bled Slovenia2

We were a bunch of budget conscious students and did not what to expect when we rolled up to our 14 euro a night accommodation. A small hostel called Hostler. It turned out to be the best hostel I have ever stayed in. Fresh, airy, clean, spacious, beautiful garden, hammock, BBQ, picnic area, bikes and a friendly resident dog. That pretty much sums up how fantastic it was without mentioning how nice the owner  is. Tom is a gem, he made our stay in Hostler a delight. I cannot rate the place highly enough, ten out of then for sure.  We spent our first day just chilling by the lake, soaking up the Slovenian sun swimming in the most amazing water.  Life in Lake Bled is Bliss.

Lake Bled Slovenia3 Day two we took ourselves on a hike.

Throughout which we were fascinated by the natural beauty the place had to offer. We followed the signs for Vintgar Gorge. When you arrive at the gorge a wooden walkway guides you through the vertical rocks along the path of the flowing crystal clear water.  At the end of the pathway we were greeted by a striking waterfall.  It’s the tallest waterfall in Slovenia. We continued our walk up the mountains and the hike rewarded us with the most spectacular view of the bled area. We got a little lost on the way back but soon found our way with the sight of the church towering over the lake.  We couldn’t head home before a quick dip in the refreshing water of the lake.

lake bled Slovenia4

 Bled has been discovered by more and more tourists recently but during our stay nightlife during the weeknights wasn’t too crazy, we had food and a singsong with the others in the hostel.  We had great nights entertaining ourselves with the other travelers we met.  Day three we went rafting which turned out to be a thrilling experience which I would most defiantly be up for again, very cold when you fell into the icy temperatures of the glacier water, but all part of the fun.  The organizers were amazing and warmed us up with a glass of the local home made alcohol when we reached dry land. Before we knew it Friday night was upon us so there was plenty of activity down by the lake in one particular bar. We danced our socks off to Tina Tuners Proud Mary and had a great night.

Our fourth and final day was spent once again hanging out by the lake.

I have very fond memories of Lake Bled and would recommend it to anyone and everyone who has any sense of adventure. The place really makes you realise how beautiful the world can be.

Lake Bled

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