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“Everything in Germany but Munich is a waste of time”, Ernest Hemingway

Without question one of the best places I’ve ever lived on so many levels. Work ethic living conditions and quality of life. Public services and transport. Social life and people and the list goes on and on and on.

Munich simply put is fabulous.



Munich has a way of its own unlike many other German cities and is unique in its Bavarian ways and traditions. Munich or Munchen as its called in Germany is an upscale city. Other cites in Germany offer better value so really it depends on what you are looking for. We flew Ryanair from Dublin but be aware they don’t actually fly into Munich. The airport they use is about 90 minutes away and the bus service costs 20 euro each way.  You can purchase a pass online for 15. Making the Ryanair flight not such a bargain after all. It took a day from our trip as we had to leave Munich so much earlier. I

Munich Accommodation.  

There are so many great parts to this city and options of accommodation vary as do the prices. I use a mixture of apartment and hotels.When I moved here I was much younger and thought camping might be fun. The campsite is amazing and if camping is your thing I recommend it. There are so many options here also and the facilities excellent. You couldn’t ask for better surroundings. Its stunning. Its called the Munich-Thalkirchen camping site on the steps of the  famous Hellabrunn Zoo. With its “Maria Einsiedel” outdoor swimming pool with its river landscape and heated pool. The city centre is only ten minutes away by underground. The Munich-Thalkirchen Camping Site is located in the nature reserve by the southern water meadows of the River Isar. If you love the outdoors this could be for you. These days I prefer hotels and apartments. Indoor plumbing is very important to me and a luxury I feel I enjoy the older I get 🙂

Social Life


Christmas Market Chinese Tower English Garden


English Gardens

My favourite area is Swabbing. I loved it in my late teens and I love it still. Its central and close to everything. You get a bit of everything here including hotels, bars, restaurants, the English Gardens, B&B’s, theaters, whatever you need its here. Schwabing / Schwabing-West is the Montmartre of Munich. Classy and full of charm and grace. Walk up Leopoldstraße past the cafes and the well-preserved old buildings, past the nick-nack shops and quaint gardens. You’ll quickly understand why it is considered Munich’s top address. Rent prices in this district have skyrocketed in recent years. Historically this was the artistic district where the likes of Thomas Mann and Paul Klee could be found. During the 1960’s the district took on a more revolutionary role with the infamous Scabbing riots. Businessmen and young professionals now occupy Scabbing. But it hasn’t entirely lost its bohemian vibe. The chief recreational highlight for visitors and residents is the English Garden. A five-kilometer-long park that is considered one of the world’s greatest and on a par with Central Park in New York or Hyde Park in London. And, of course, shopping opportunities abound in Schwabing. Be sure to check out the Amalienpassage. A shopping hall with dozens of ritzy boutiques situated between Amalienstraße and Türkenstraße.

Getting around.  You will most likely arrive to the main train station centrally located in the center of the city.  The public transport system in this city is excellent and inexpensive and if you arrive to Munich’s main airport you can get a service straight into the main station. You can get a daily or weekend pass for very reasonable and when it comes to eating out in fabulous restaurants it was so much cheaper than what I am used to. Check this out if you need some ideas or help.


Christmas Markets

Its a great city for a break with your other half, your kids or your friends I Ias it has so many different aspects to it.  Culture, nightlife, entertainment and beauty.  Its clean and safe and the city works no hassle and no mayhem. We arrived in Memminghim. Took the bus to Munich and then a taxi to our hotel. We quickly dropped our bags and headed for a coffee and to explore and check out the Christmas markets. Incidentally the Christmas markets are all over the city. Each sells basically the same thing but the ambiance is different in the English Gardens. We made our way to Marienplaz and of course stopped to watch the glockenspeil. I have to admit I reminisced back to the days I used to sit here as an innocent 19 year old and wait for the cuckoo and take it all in in this very square.  I Its changed of course.  Its busier and as I’m an adult now I don’t take it as much for granted anymore. I read recently that its the second most overrated thing to do it Europe second to Prague but of course its on the list of things you should do also 🙂 Munich There are many things that tourists or travel companies will recommend you should see when you here and the Hofbräuhaus is one of them. Take it from those in the know and those who have spent a lot of time in Munich. The Hofbräuhaus is worth missing. You’ll get to see inside this munichtourist destination bar on the free tours including the Third Reich tour. Mozart claims to have written the opera Idomeneo after one particularly inspiring session here. The service is terrible, it’s full of tourists and the prices are a bit high. And it’s takes a while to get a seat. On the other hand, the food and beer are good traditional fare. The decor is authentically Bavarian.

I Munich SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAMany European cities have free tours and you don’t have to spend a fortune learning about a city.  The tours are mostly in English but other languages are available.  Please remember to tip the guides as this is expected and its the only way they make their living.

Driving in Munich

Are you planning on driving while here? if yes then Munich has a clean omissions law. Your car must be tested and will get a sticker according to the omissions it puts out. I have a link at the end if you need info.

Another great place to visit and on Tuesdays its free. The BMW factory open 9am-6pm. If you love cars this is a treat.

Bayern Munich

Are you a football fan? even if your not the Allianz Arena is one of the best stadiums in the world.  FC Bayern Munich is Munich’s most successful team this is a great option for the soccer buffs and sports fanatics. Tickets start around 10 EUR.


Munich Beer Gardens

The Englischer Garten. German for “English Garden” is a large public Ipark in the centre of Munich stretching from the city centre to the northeastern city limits was created in 1789.  With an area of 3.7 km2 (1.4 sq mi, 910 acres). the Englischer Garten is one of the world’s largest urban public parks. Larger than New York’s Central Park. IThe name refers to the style of gardening. The term English garden is used outside the English-speaking world to refer to the style of informal Landscape gardening which was popular in Britain from the mid-18th century. They are stunning and Iworth a visit whether you are there in summer or winter. Scattered with cafe’s and beer gardens including the Chinese tower. The SeaHaus, the Japanese tea-house and Japanese garden. People gather here to walk, run, drive, swim, drink beer, swim, sunbathe you get my drift.  Its a great place for all ages.

Munich2Octoberfest in Munich is world famous with cities all over the world trying to replicate it. This obviously is a complete waste of time and money as there is nowhere on earth like Munich Octoberfest. With so much to see at the Octoberfest you need more than a weekend. To get yourself a flavour of whats on offer and to find something which might be more up your street check out this link.  Munich Octoberfest Wine tent

The Australian foreign office set up a consulate in Munich just to return passports lost during Oktoberfest. It is definitely a good time! The beer is fabulous and good value and the culture of beer is strong here. You will find beer gardens all over the city. You have your choice of tourist ones. Fancy ones and down to earth normal ones the Germans frequent with their picnic baskets and kids and dogs. The beer garden is part of German society as the Irish pub is part of Irish society.I

The same questions I always use to describe a city.  1) would I revisit? yes. As often as possible.  2) would I live here? most definitely.  I’m sorry I ever left.

Where to eat in Munich

I have my favourite spots and like every city you will find your own close to where you are staying. Here is a cool concept for a restaurant however is Roecklplatz Inspired by Jamie Oliver’s London restaurant Fifteen. Offering employment and training to disengaged young people. Staple dishes such as schnitzel and pasta are well executed and presented. All in all is worthy of a shout out for your support and if cannot make it there you can donate via their website.

If you like Munich I think you would also really like Salzburg and Bad Hofgastein. Salzburg is just on hour via train and Bad Hofgastein 2 hours.

Info on driving in Munich


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