Parisians tips on their PARIS

Parisians have long since known that Paris AKA the city of light is the most popular city destination in Europe. I have so many friends who return from Paris and the first thing they say is “it’s so expensive” and while that can be true if you insist on frequenting tourist traps. It doesn’t have to be if you just go where the sophisticated glamorous  locals go.


  • Parisian TIP 1.  

  • Its not the 1920’s and the Paris from the movies of old romantic’s is not the same in 2014.  These tourists spend their days doing the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Montmartre, and the rest, you have the guide book. I’m sure you know the rest 🙂

Parisian Tip 2.

  •  If you stick to the above mentioned location you will find that Paris is expensive. Restaurants on the main tourist traps are expensive. Not necessarily authentic and often awful. That Paris isn’t just expensive, it can also be rude, cold and flat out obnoxious also. The Paris the locals know however isn’t and that Paris doesn’t have to empty your wallet.
  • Parisian TIP 3.

  • Avoid the belle Epoque cafes along the Voulevard St-German and in the restaurants that line the Champs Elysee’s. Amateur tourists pay 10 euro in these places and an arm and a leg for mediocre platter of moules-frites. Some might think it taste’s better when you can see the Arc-de-Triomphe while munching on your overpriced crap food. Seasoned travelers and classy Parisians know better.  In fact most of us are more than happy to have these people continue this habit.  We love our authentic places with great prices for locals and sharing tips like this has me in a quandary because as everyone knows, I hate tourists 🙂
  • Parisian Tip 4.

  • You don’t have to be fluent but learn a few phrases before going anywhere that the native language is not yours.  ESPECIALLY FRANCE.


  • TIP 5.  In the authentic and cost effective restaurants and there are many in Paris the menu’s will be in French. If they have pictures and menu’s in 6 languages and automatically offer you an English menu, run.
  • TIP 6.  There are many language translator apps available for your phone so you can get help reading a foreign menu.
  • Tip 7.  Get off the beaten track. While you wont find the savvy classy French hanging out on the Champs Elysee’s or having their daily cafe on the Palace Vendome, they will be close by.  Explore the side streets and remember tip 5.


Parisian Tip 8. Visit but don’t eat or drink on the Place des Vosges in the Marais is one of Europe’s most beautiful squares laid out in the first years of the 11th Century and only home to Cardinal Richelieu and Victor Hugo.  Along its arcaded sides are cafes and restaurants that almost exclusively cater to tourists. Bland, overpriced food and insultingly small beers.

Parisian Tip 9.  On a small street just north of the square is Chez Janou, 2 Rue Roger Verlomme. A terrific bistro with a menu full of authentic Provencale dishes all around 15 Euro. Its always packed with locals so you’ll need to practice your school french but its so worth it.

Parisian Tip 10. To the east just beyond the Place de la Bastille is AuVieux Chene on 7 Rue du Dahomey is an old fashioned restaurant with a Zinc bar and a mouth watering three course evening meal for 28 euro.

Tip 11. Nearby L’Ebauchoir at 43 Rue du Citeaux is marginally more expensive. The food is sublime so well worth the treat.

for some more of the same and some extra tips see my other articles on Paris my ultimate cheat sheet.  Paris is amazing, I hope you have a great time.


photo credit Massimo Chiapello

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